The Expo News 9th February

If you make your income from sports betting and trading like myself, and primarily on the horses, what a stop start year its been so far.

Bad weather putting the clappers on some decent meetings, with races abandoned daily due to thick snow and ice descending on the country.  

Followed by the equine flu outbreak we're currently in the middle of as I write this post, with all UK horse racing cancelled until further notice.

My opinion on this current gap in racing is it's just part of the sport, and these things need to be accepted as par for the course. 

It's not ideal, but nothing to worry about from a betting perspective. Over the coming year this will be looked back on as a blip, a minor pause in the process of building our betting and trading banks. 

Our greatest achievements in life can be things that start slowly requiring some work and patience to begin, but end up surpassing our expectations.  

This video shows what's possible if we have a never give up attitude, work hard on our winning habits, take a long term view, and keep our eyes firmly on the prize. 

The video may direct you to You Tube to watch it, so remember to come back and finish the news update. 

Dave Wottle, what a legend!  I was only a sprog at one year of age when this happened, but have frequently watched this race over the years as a source of inspiration. 

I'm in it for my own long term goals, so a short break away from betting and trading is no big deal.  It's not perfect, but it gives me time to get the house in order to speak.