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The Expo News 24th January

Today's post is about The Expo Bot.

This bespoke API software is made to run strategies from Exponential Bet.

All presently automated strategies will be included with the bot, and some that aren't yet fully automated will be adapted to run using full end to end automation.

Such as Automated Dutch Betting which presently relies on Fairbot which is an exceptional API, but it has no stop at a profit feature, and the Dutch bets need to be manually added to the race after a very quick calculation. The Expo Bot does all of this automatically.

The upcoming In Play Trader and Place Betting, the Bet Bot System, and automation with the Trade Guide V4 will be developed using the Expo Bot to create fully set and forget pre race trade systems.

It's a brand new and very clever API designed by our resident developer, who's worked his ass off over the past four months to turn this idea into a reality, and it will soon be available for all members.

As the site moves forward and the bot develops, all future releases for new services will go straight to the bot.

Meaning if you purchase a stand alone product for example such as the Trade Guide V4, then all the automated pre race trade strategies will be fully loaded to the bot ready for you to use.

As an Expo Bot user all your purchased strategies from Exponential Bet will be available there to run across different tabs, and just require you to load the bot and activate them, that's it. Everything you currently run using multiple betting bots in one software interface.

I'm presently running Expo Bot on my VPS which is handling both In Play BETA and Automated Dutch Betting, operating using full end to end automation. We're in the final test stage pre launch, and it's basically my job at the moment to find things that break and need fixing, which I've always been brilliant at crashing software and finding bugs. It's just a skill I have, what can I say.

exponential bet

Plus some other cosmetic changes and running updates need to take place, but we're on target for a February release.

It's fully licensed with Betfair, so all your login credentials are 100% secure. It's as safe as any other market leading API product out there as your security is top priority. We had to go through the screening process with Betfair which was passed a couple of months ago.

I'm getting asked a lot about the pricing for the Expo Bot, which I fully understand you want to know how much and what you get for your money, and this will be confirmed in the next couple of weeks ahead of the official release date.

We'll be offering various packages to include multiple strategies, so finding a version that suits your betting and trading style, and also that meets your budget will be easy and doable.

What I can tell you is that compared to the existing third party market leading bots it will be competitively priced.

We want everyone to be able to benefit from this software, and if you're currently subscribed to multiple bots just running Exponential Bet strategies, you will be making a saving by switching to Expo Bot.

I'll make a point of updating the blog each week for the Expo Bot up until release, also creating a landing page with details of packages available.

For now this is just a sample of what's in the imminent pipeline being readied for release, but I'll have much more info with screenshots once we've made it look pretty.

At the moment it's all about functionality development, which I think you'll agree is the most important aspect of any betting and trading software.

If you've any questions let me know by email to, and I'll get back to you asap.

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