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The Expo News 23rd January

Today's news update covers Place Betting and In Play Trading Advice.

These two subscription based services are exclusively available to One Subscription members, included in their membership at no extra cost.

At present I'm posting live testing results from the 30th November 2018 which are generated automatically from Focus Ratings data.

It all kicks off for real on the 29th January, and members will receive an update ahead of this with info on how to run the bets, and an optional automation file for Fairbot to run the in play trades.

Once we're live with Expo Bot these bets and trades can be imported to the bot and then ran using full end to end automation.

How this will work we'll confirm when Expo Bot is available, as it can run a few ways which we'll need to test in advance.

I'm basing this strategy and selection process purely on math and the data from Focus Ratings. Which is my preferred source of horse racing data, as all round they provide reliable selections delivered to my inbox daily as regular as clockwork.

Both the place bets and in play trades are exactly the same selections, just one is placed as a bet in the UK horse racing place market.

The other is a trade that works within specific odds parameters for the UK horse racing win market, and goes in play looking for a hedged profit. You can do this on your phone, tablet, PC, Mac, or using the API software I recommend until Expo Bot is available.

Starting odds and finishing odds will be clearly explained to members ahead of getting the first days advised bets and trades.

Also, as both run in different markets they don't conflict on the exchange, creating two additional income streams.

The expected annual profit growth for both strategies is circa 50% from initial investment, which is based purely on flat stake investments per bet and trade. No compounding or loss recovery.

Place market bets can be set to SP, or you can go for earlier odds if operating manually and feel you can get more value, with the same applying to the in play trades.

When we've a bot to automate everything you'll have it being placed to SP for both place and in play trade starting odds, or thereabouts.

The in play trades operate in the win market and are typically on the very well fancied horses that Focus Ratings shortlist, so the liquidity won't be an issue.

In just under two months which is the short space of time I've been live testing, I'm already at 7.7% profit for the place bets, and 7.9% for the in play trades, so a 50% target increase is realistic.

We won't win every day, and as shown in the results I've been over 11% growth for trading before hitting a few losses, but if both strategies hit 50% profit against investment on my £1000, that's an extra £1000 profit I can bank each year.

You can view full breakdowns for both methods below:

The target growth is based on my backdated analysis and live tested results to date, which I think is very achievable, taking in to account all the losing spells and periods we'll be winning more.

Before you ask, and I know some members will want to know, but I have also looked at backing to win as you'll notice I record finishing positions, and found this ran to a steady overall loss.

I've also crunched through the data trading down to 1.50 in play, and found this also ran to a loss, instead of the obvious 1 point trade you can see in the results.

If any bright sparks out there can spot a point in the middle for in play trading that will yield more profit, then please do let me know. I'll send you the master spreadsheet to work with if you think you've identified a pot of gold.

I may decide to withdraw the profit when both banks hit 50% growth to bank the money, but I'll advise members at this point if that's my plan.

As mentioned these bets and trades will be available from the 29th January exclusively for One Subscription members.

exponential bet

You can find out more about the One Subscription memberships here:

If you've any questions about the Place Bets and In Play Trader Advice drop me an email to, and I'll get back to you asap.

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