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Start Counting When it Hurts

I hope you're all doing well and not missed me too much since my last post.  I'm joking of course, I know you missed me.  

All kidding aside I've not posted an update since announcing the Automated Dutch Betting BETA launch earlier this week. 

I was intending to write about the Expo Bot before now, but my time has been needed elsewhere with so many emails coming in, plus combined with my own betting and trading I've been spread very thinly.

I don't want to just fire out information non stop about Exponential Bet just trying to grab your attention, saying hey look at me over here waving my arms around, as doesn't that all look a bit desperate!? 

Unless I can take my time and produce something worth reading I'd rather just get on with the million other things that need my attention. 

Too many businesses post every day to social media, in fact a few times a day, and I've been guilty of this but where does it get you in reality.  You can't pay your bills with Twitter likes.  

It's all just about having a web presence which I do completely understand, and for Google's algorithm thingamajigs it makes a difference, but I also think people are wise to it these days, and a constant barrage of posts and updates in my humble opinion is more detrimental to a companies brand.

Quite simply I only want to be posting blogs, new content, updates, or whatever else I publish when I've something worthy to share. 

Speak useful words or be silent. Hávamál

I'll post an Expo News update in the next few days covering my results and services, which is important to take stock at regular intervals.  This will include the new addition to the family Place Betting, which strangely enough can be used as an In Play Trading method, but more to follow on this in the news update. 

I felt like I went through a lot of relevant content in my recent series of Expo News posts, and I've had some interesting conversations with people since. 

Actually picking up the phone real chats, hearing peoples voices, and talking it through in detail is more of a regular part of my working day now, and I love it. 

I'm in this to help people achieve financial targets as I work to reach my own, and this is more than hiding behind emails or social media blasts.  It's about getting to know what truly matters to people, and why they are spending time looking at the same ways to make money as myself. 

Actually being available to people and being more accessible has become much more important to myself and my business. 

Today's post is a little different and more about me personally, and how we can all do better.

Time is constantly in short supply at this moment.  The part of my job I enjoy the most running this site is member interaction, it can be both challenging and immensely rewarding. 

When someone first starts using my services they've typically got lots of questions or uncertainty, primarily checking if they're doing things correctly.   Getting them to a point of success when they are sending me screenshots, sharing positive results, or just buzzing with new ideas making steady progress, well this is a huge motivator and why I do this. 

Everything I produce on this site is my own work, I've painstakingly pieced it all together over time through trial and error to get it to this stage.  My mantra being, all I can ever do is try to make what I have today better than it was yesterday. 

I know I'm not perfect, and why would you want to follow someone who thinks they are perfect, as they would only want false platitudes in return from you.  I'm only interested in the reality of what we're doing, living it each day with every member of the site, with very little time for anything else in my world.  

This does come at a price, as the more the site has increased its member base at a rapid rate, the longer the hours I work to fit everything in.  I never want to lose that personal interaction with members and this doesn't need to happen, as it's what Exponential Bet is founded on, sharing the journey to financial freedom together. 

I bet and trade with everything I put on the site, while in the background I develop new content, test strategies, work with software to make things happen, and put my own money where my mouth is to achieve the results reported.  

This is done while creating and managing the online technical wizardry, the geeky stuff that glues it all together and takes ages. 

Patience isn't my strongest quality, as I like to just crack on and make things happen as quickly as possible, which is why I'm lucky enough to have some support from people close to the business making it all happen.  Keep me sane in fact, when all I want to do is throw the toys out the pram sometimes.  

I can blast through a month none stop work work work, and not really taking a proper day off,  I'm answering emails on my phone when supposed to be making time to relax. 

Such is my life, my partner was flicking through her social media pages while watching telly and chatting earlier today, and I told her she was addicted to her phone, to which she very quickly replied 'yeah but you're addicted to work', and I had no come back for a change, as it's true.

Okay so here's a guilty pleasure confession, I used to spend a lot of my free time with quite an unhealthy pass time, now you're probably thinking it's going to be something really bad at this point, but hold on to your hats, I used to mod computer games.

Yeah I confess guv I was a games mod addict, mostly for Bethesda games for those in the know with this sort of thing. 

I'd be working in property investments in the day, and couldn't wait to get home or spend time over the weekend lost in using the creative kits and develop the games.  To be fair they are top end graphics projects and impressive stuff, if I do say so myself (geek overload).

The immense satisfaction I'd get applying higher resolution graphics to a waterfall in an adventure game, or distance load function to improve the draw rate, would keep me going for days (actually laughing out loud as I type).  Yeah it was a real high point for me and time well spent toward my future, haha... 

As much fun I had and respect I have for the community of modders who create free content, looking back I just don't understand where I got the time, energy, and enthusiasm for it all.  It was such a torturous and ultimately unrewarding past time.  I don't have a spare second to play games anymore, and when I did I'd spend more time actually modding a game than playing it.  Crazy days...

Even if I wanted to get back in to this for shits and giggles, the what are you doing with your life look I'd get off the missus would instantly kill my interest. 

I wasn't with her when I was a game modder, which is probably why I wanted to escape in to that world so much to escape spending time with my ex.  My partner now never reads my blogs btw, so this nice comment will be lost within this post for all time.

Anyway, if you're still reading and haven't glazed over completely....

I love my work now, and yes I'm addicted to it because I have passion for what I do. I wake up and check my phone instantly, replying to messages as I'm putting each leg in to my trousers and making my morning coffee.  I rarely stop, out for a meal, visiting family and friends, even on vacation, my phone and connection to the business is always with me.

Would I change this attachment to the business?  Absolutely not.  Can I improve my schedule to give me important time to clear my thoughts and be more productive?  Hell yes I can, and the time to look at this is now. 

How we make the most of our days and time is vital to being successful, and we can all find reasons to waste time if we want to.  We can make excuses for everything, and in fact spend more time rationalizing the excuses than it would take to get off our arse and actually get more done. 

Which brings me to the main point of this post.  I need to get more done and time manage my day more effectively.  

I'd like to visit the gym at least a few times a week, spend more time visiting friends and family, and have better quality time with my partner.

I'd also like to fit in more work and increase my own personal productivity levels, while maintaining, in fact increasing my member interaction.

It's the personal aspect of what I offer clients that defines my brand.  Not the strap line or amount of content I post to social media. 

As stated earlier I'm not perfect, but I am passionate and committed to what I do, and they are two key ingredients required to be successful. 

In order to achieve this goal of doing more, I need to both time manage my day and stick to it.  I have to be ruthless with it as well, a little bit selfish for the good of myself and to improve what I deliver to this business overall.  If I'm going to drive Exponential Bet to its final destination, I need to be fully in control and give it everything I have. 

My daily schedule will involve more of my own betting and trading activity, which I want to publish content regularly for members of my site and You Tube  Which is one social media platform I do really enjoy, as you can get a lot out of it. 

You want to learn something, you type it in to You Tube and boom there it is in most instances.  You can tell a lot about someone who uses You Tube by their search history.  If it's mostly entertainment and not self development, then fair enough they like being distracted from life, but if you look at mine it's 90% stuff to develop the business, with things to titillate my weird sense of humour before I doze off at night, or travel documentaries etc taking up the remaining 10%.

I'd like to develop my You Tube channel, as it creates another very connected way for me to interact with clients, as I'm finding the rest of social media a bit meh.

Nobody knows each other or if they are real, everyone seems faceless and hidden behind Tweets or various posts, and having 50,000 Instagram followers and hundreds of likes doesn't mean you're building solid business relationships, which is vital for my future business success.  Real connections to all of my clients, and understanding how they can manage their betting and trading time better.

These things go hand in hand.  If I can make more of my own time trading in the day for example, betting within different markets active at the same time, then use some automation in the evening, this will free up my time to reply to emails, have actual conversations or face time with members that help me understand what I need to deliver faster. 

Which gets back to achieving more quicker, fitting more in, and being happy to do more as it's something I literally wake up looking forward to getting stuck in to.  Hence why I'm sat with man flu on a Sunday evening typing this revealing blog post, instead of vegetating on the couch feeling sorry for myself with the missus watching 90 Day Fiance.

I'll create some action plans on the site over the next few days for what strategies work best with each other, and how you can get started using bet and trade systems currently available or in the immediate pipeline to maximize your own activity.

With this set up I'll have my own schedule bolted on, and then begin reporting on this like a well oiled machine, and as such it will regiment my rota if you like.  I'll have set times for work, emails, chat, development, and for my own personal space.

You get more connection to me both directly, and via some decent no BS You Tube content covering a host of bet and trade topics, but only when I've something worthwhile reporting.  I honestly don't know how some of these You Tubers (Pewdiepie) manage a video a day.    

I will then get more personal time to actually bet and trade how I need to in order to hit my own goals, with time allocated for emails and client contact later in the day, with web development etc.  

It all seems really obvious I know, you're right it does, but with everything becoming so busy I've needed to take stock of what matters, prioritize, and learn to say no I need to do this now, and this next, and so on.

Let's wrap up this blog post with a couple of You Tube videos I watched recently, both I found totally inspiring.  The Arnie one I need on repeat for the rest of my life, wise words indeed.  

Thanks for reading, I hope this gives you a little insight in to my life on the 13th January 2019.  Tomorrow I will want to improve on all of this, and the same the day after, and on it goes... 

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