Start Counting When it Hurts

I hope you're all doing well and not missed me too much since my last post.  I'm joking of course, I know you missed me.  

All kidding aside I've not posted an update since announcing the Automated Dutch Betting BETA launch earlier this week. 

I was intending to write about the Expo Bot before now, but my time has been needed elsewhere with so many emails coming in, plus combined with my own betting and trading I've been spread very thinly.

I don't want to just fire out information non stop about Exponential Bet just trying to grab your attention, saying hey look at me over here waving my arms around, as doesn't that all look a bit desperate!? 

Unless I can take my time and produce something worth reading I'd rather just get on with the million other things that need my attention. 

Too many businesses post every day to social media, in fact a few times a day, and I've been guilty of this but where does it get you in reality.  You can't pay your bills with Twitter likes.  

It's all just about having a web presence which I do completely understand, and for Google's algorithm thingamajigs it makes a difference, but I also think people are wise to it these days, and a constant barrage of posts and updates in my humble opinion is more detrimental to a companies brand.

Quite simply I only want to be posting blogs, new content, updates, or whatever else I publish when I've something worthy to share. 

Speak useful words or be silent. Hávamál

I'll post an Expo News update in the next few days covering my results and services, which is important to take stock at regular intervals.  This will include the new addition to the family Place Betting, which strangely enough can be used as an In Play Trading method, but more to follow on this in the news update.