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The Expo News 5th January

Tomorrow we see the release of the Automated Dutch BETA available as an early access version.

The Automated Dutch is a stand alone product to purchase or included with a One Subscription plan.

I'm covering Dutch Betting with a subscription service in today's post.

These are advised Dutch bets sent by email daily and not automated, although they are set and forget.

I thought it would tie in nicely with the automated aspect looking at Dutching today, and give me a chance to explain what plans I've afoot in 2019 for Dutching enthusiasts.

Firstly let me bring you up to speed with the results for Dutch Betting from when I first introduced this in 2017.

This originated using a very aggressive staking plan and to be frank an unexpectedly high profit growth first year. You can see the results for 2017 here:

The bets were split over four Dutch types in 2017, creatively named Dutch 1 to 4 with a Super Dutch added in the latter part of the year.

All of the Dutch bets for this period were placed using BSP Multiples, which is a clever part of the Betfair exchange relatively unknown by most users.

The BSP Multiple section allows you to place Dutch bets on horse races for an SP return.

It manages the bet for you once placed, ie if you have any none runners it recalculates your bet, plus it deducts commission by factoring this into your SP returns.

One feature that is incredibly useful with the BSP Multiples is the ability to combine races to one multiple bet.

For example, you could have three races with a selection of horses in each race, you can place this as a treble for multiple combined profits on the win, four races a fourfold, two races a double, and so on up to an eight fold which is the upper limit.

Here's a video from some time ago showing how to place a BSP Multiple Dutch bet.

Another amazing feature of the BSP Multiple section with Betfair is the daily max payout available, which hold on to your hats is a million pounds.

Yes you read it correctly, you could have a max payout including your staked amount of course, but nonetheless a million quid each day is possible. Which as it's exchange based you'll never be banned.

I published a post after I'd called Betfair customer service to confirm this, asking the operator to go and check with the manager and told her I was recording the call to use for my blog, which she was none too happy about.

Still she confirmed the max payout and that we'd never be banned using BSP Multiples winning too much on a regular basis. Which is the foundation for any long term betting or trading system I think you'll agree.

You can read the blog post and listen to the call via Soundcloud here:

If you can't see the Soundcloud file you're most probably using your mobile to read the blog, try viewing the blog in a different browser on your phone, but if you're on the PC or Mac you will be able to see the audio file.

Getting back to the 2017 results for Dutch Betting.

You will notice some impressive betting profits especially from Dutch 1 and Dutch 3. The 2017 Dutch strategies are covered at length in the Dutch Guide, which also includes 2018's selection methods.

A reason why the balance growth for these two particular Dutch strategies came in so high in 2017 is the staking percentage, which was much higher, with a lot more risk attached.

The data I used at that time was delivered in a way I could identify the Dutch bets with a specific edge. This data changed the following year so I adapted accordingly.

In 2018 the results were a little more modest, but the percentage staking reflected this being greatly reduced from twenty percent a bet, to between half a percent up to five percent per bet.

We finished the year at circa 42% total balance growth, which for a betting investment allowing you to put large numbers in and not be banned isn't too shabby.

The strategy in 2018 condensed the previous Dutch methods in to One Dutch, and then added a handful more, too many if truth be told.

The goal last year was to achieve half of the previous years profits with a tiny fraction of the stake, but this did fall short albeit making a profit. I was pushing for more while adapting new data methods.

What I learned in 2018 was not to spread myself too thinly as it dilutes my output.

Including too many Dutch bet types that all take a long time to source each morning is too demanding, and not the best use of my resources.

A lot of effort drilling down each race for a potential small margin while maintaining a very high strike rate did produce a profitable year, but felt like far too much work involved for the amount of reward achieved.

This brings me to 2019 and why the Dutch service is now a totally different proposition.

I can give you many examples, in fact I could create an entirely separate post on this subject alone and why Dutch betting in 2019 will a lot more profitable. Not even including the Automated Dutch just the subscribed bets.

I'll keep it short and sweet instead, as the simple answer is the data and selection method are in sync and not taking as much cross checking across multiples sources, plus I'm committed to not overdoing it and diluting my output.

That's the top and tail of it.

The prime source of my data is coming from Focus Ratings, with due diligence from my other recorded sources within the Dutch Guide as and when required.

With a single One Dutch bet being produced as a multiple on the applicable days racing, along side daily Top 2 Dutch bets.

Both of these Dutch bets can be placed using BSP Multiples, so members receive the bets in an email, placed within seconds, done and dusted with the bets managed by this section of Betfair.

This is my entire daily commitment to the emailed advised Dutch bets, and it's staying the same over the entire year until the target is reached.

It will give me more time to focus on producing the goods instead of many variations of one bet.

The strap line for this years Dutching campaign is, 'twice as much profit in half the time'.

Each Dutch betting strategy, One Dutch and Top 2 Dutch has it's own staking plan geared towards achieving this end goal, with the benefit of higher average odds on the wins compared to last year.

Which obviously means on the inevitable losing days the recovery rate doesn't take weeks or months to recoup, it can be redeemed in a matter of days, or even a bet or two on the same day.

This week being a prime example as the Top 2 Dutch started poorly, but over the week recovered losses to break even. Historically this may have taken a lot longer due to the lower returning average odds on the bets.

One Dutch which resumes from next Tuesday has been adapted to utilize Focus Ratings as the foundation of the bet, so Dutch Guide users you will have this updated in the guide asap. I'm aiming for mid February.

For me personally it removes the 7am to 12pm data trawl, allowing me to concentrate on factors that will over the long term produce the target 100% balance growth, but in the quickest possible time frame.

Both the Top 2 Dutch and One Dutch have individual start banks which will run over this year, with a spreadsheet provided to members of the service helping divide the banks in two and record the balance growth.

Dutch Betting subscriptions are available direct via the landing page here:

You can also receive the Dutch bets as a One Subscription member along with all other future subscription services included.

Longer memberships include the stand alone products at sign up such as the Automated Dutch due tomorrow, or any of my other products such as Trading, Bet Bot System, In Play BETA, or the Dutch Guide.

To find out more about One Subscription options visit the landing page here:

The next Expo News will be on Tuesday 8th January and focus on the Expo Bot.

Covering features included with the bot, how you can run the bot using multiple strategies at once, operating over a VPS with the benefits this provides, and much more.

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