The Expo News 5th January

Tomorrow we see the release of the Automated Dutch BETA available as an early access version.

The Automated Dutch is a stand alone product to purchase or included with a One Subscription plan.

I'm covering Dutch Betting with a subscription service in today's post.

These are advised Dutch bets sent by email daily and not automated, although they are set and forget.

I thought it would tie in nicely with the automated aspect looking at Dutching today, and give me a chance to explain what plans I've afoot in 2019 for Dutching enthusiasts.

Firstly let me bring you up to speed with the results for Dutch Betting from when I first introduced this in 2017.

This originated using a very aggressive staking plan and to be frank an unexpectedly high profit growth first year. You can see the results for 2017 here:

The bets were split over four Dutch types in 2017, creatively named Dutch 1 to 4 with a Super Dutch added in the latter part of the year.

All of the Dutch bets for this period were placed using BSP Multiples, which is a clever part of the Betfair exchange relatively unknown by most users.

The BSP Multiple section allows you to place Dutch bets on horse races for an SP return.

It manages the bet for you once placed, ie if you have any none runners it recalculates your bet, plus it deducts commission by factoring this into your SP returns.