The Expo News 2nd January

The In Play Betting BETA I reported in yesterday's Expo News got off to a positive start in 2019, making easy work of it with a first race win.

Before I begin today's update I just need to inform any members subscribed to one of my services, or made multiple purchases yet to receive an email off me, I guarantee I'll be in touch before the end of the week regarding your loyalty rewards.

The Expo News is being published in a series of daily posts this week, covering each service individually.

Today's post is about One Subscription.

A long requested option to include everything under one umbrella, giving members the chance to get all subscription services with bet and trade products in one go.

Any service where I email advised bets or trades throughout the week is included with every sign up option, monthly, six monthly, or yearly.

With each membership comes different benefits, for example with the monthly option you have all the subscription benefits, and after six months can choose any of my stand alone products free of charge.

With the six monthly and yearly options the stand alone products come included. They also increase every six months, with the yearly option being all inclusive whenever anything new is released.

Any new subscription service is immediately added without the need to pay extra, with One Subscription members having access to exclusive services due to be introduced in 2019.

Additionally, any member of One Subscription perhaps on a monthly plan receives a healthy discount for any stand alone product they wish to purchase immediately, as all my products are available via a secure login for just £49.99 each. As opposed to standard £99.99 full retail price, which is a fair saving.

It's a win win arrangement for members who just want to know everything is included, and also want the long term benefits of being on one plan.