The Expo News 31st December

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all my members and readers a very happy and profitable new year.

Members of Exponential Bet will be receiving an email from me over the course of this week, explaining how I'll be working to improve the service for each of you in 2019.

The Expo News will be published in a series of posts over the course of this week, covering each service individually.

Today's post is about the Automated Dutch.

Automated Dutch Betting will be available in January as an early access BETA product, and initially running on Fairbot.

This will require very little set up each day, quite literally 5 minutes to activate everything, which is exactly the way I'm currently running the strategy while the Expo Bot is undergoing final stages of development.

The results reported below have been achieved using this method of activating the automation each day using Fairbot.

Since my last post about this strategy the balance has increased significantly running both over the entire day, and also if reducing exposure with a stop at a profit method.

automated dutch betting

Auto Dutch - Run The Day

447 Bets - 47.2% Strike Rate

48.9% Increase

£489.61 Profit in 21 Days

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