The Expo News 23rd December

Firstly let me wish you all the very best for a lovely Christmas.  Whatever you have planned I hope you have a truly great time.

I'd also like to thank each and every member of my site. 

I feel lucky enough to have some personal contact with virtually every member of my site, and made some great friends.  I will be in touch directly over the remainder of this month, as I want to reward your loyalty for choosing my site and services.

Today though I'm looking ahead at what we can expect for 2019 with an update on current and future services:

  • The Automated Dutch 

  • All in one Expo Bot 

  • One Subscription upgraded service

  • Trade Guide V4 

  • Football Trading 

  • Place Betting

  • Dutch Betting schedule for 2019

  • In Play Betting BETA 

  • The Betting Bot System

  • Multi purchase savings. 

I'll publish individual posts and update results on site over the course of this month, with detailed breakdowns covering each service listed here, and a further Expo News summarizing 2018 Exponential Betting strategies this time next week.

The Automated Dutch

This is a strategy I'm introducing as an early access stand alone product in January, you may have read about it in recent posts.  It can be applied in a number of ways.

Automated Dutch betting is something I've been working on for some time, and looking at a strategy that returns a profit on each bet at circa evens or above, with a liability per bet evens or less on average.