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Why Do Anything Else?

Betting and trading at Exponential Bet in 2019 is already looking a completely different prospect to this time last year.

I'll round up the year in the final published Expo News of 2018 as I've a lot to cover, but I've already started setting up the new year for all my products and services.

I've an exciting proposition lined up set to return a minimum of 260% total profit against investment over a twelve month betting period. 

No loss recovery, no huge drawdowns, or long losing runs taking a month or so to bring back, in fact the current growth rate during live testing is circa 20% profit a week.  Yeah you read that right, per week!

Also, you have options to lock in the bets each day guaranteeing they are placed, or use automation to load the bets with a bot direct to the exchange, taking just minutes to set up all in one. 

Read on if this sort of investment interests you... 

In this post I just want to give you a sneak peak at a new Dutching strategy, which I know for a lot of you will be the betting system of choice in 2019.  Hence the title of the blog.

For me diversifying my betting and trading activity makes a lot of sense, as I can capitalize on more markets using different methods.  It also allows me the creativity I need to keep improving what I'm working with, testing new ideas in a live environment. 

The way I approach a lot of things is to just do it, and not over think it. 

If you over think something it probably won't ever happen, or by the time it does you're too late. 

It's better to try and fail, then realize exactly why you failed so you don't make the same mistakes again, getting closer to succeeding next time.

Nothing wrong with being prepared at all,  I'm a bit obsessive about certain routines so I understand this, but being over prepared often means you miss the boat.  

I run different strategies I either rely on for my own personal investments, or undergoing testing to be included at a later stage.  I have my fingers in many pies so to speak. 

Those who follow my blog posts know I rattle on about early retirement a lot, so as long as all my strategies are making money over the long stretch no matter how small the margin, I'm fine running them as it may trigger a fresh idea to create something better, as the ones that make me the most money the fastest will get me to my target quicker.  It's that simple. 

It's okay to fail or take longer with something than you expected, as it teaches a valuable lesson that can be taken to the next project, which then has the benefit of the previous projects data to help it succeed. 

Too many people cave at the first failure, instead of realizing that failure is in fact discovery. 

exponential bet

Just Google famous people who didn't give up, and you will see exactly what can be achieved with this attitude. 

Just a shortlist of some I recommend looking up, Stephen King, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Colonel Saunders, James Dyson, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Mark Twain, Meryl Streep, Elvis, J.K. Rowling, Abe Lincoln, Beethoven, and Winston Churchill. 

This is how I live my life, and these are some of the people who inspire me to always keep improving, and pushing for my own dreams.

It can be difficult when people around you may even encourage you to quit after a few failures, saying it's fine you tried your best, or some people just ooze negativity which if you're surrounded by it could influence poor life decisions. 

These people think they are helping or know best, as in most cases they do care about you, but in fact the most damage to someone's important life choices can come from those closest to them.  This is a simple fact of life. 

My parents as much as I love them to tiny pieces, for the most part never pushed me to do anything in my childhood, so I could have achieved more with a foot up my arse.  That said, I came from a house of loving parents so I have no regrets or complaints.

My point is, most parents and mine included will want you to go for the safe option every time, they come from a place where they first and foremost want you to be secure.  

The problem is that security does not mean you're going to be happy, which they don't consider.  You can work five or six days a week in a job you hate and be secure.  Each month 80% of your wages goes out on bills, leaving you 20% to stretch until next pay day, and this to me is just existence.  

The people listed above did not take no for an answer, and motivated themselves to achieve their own goals. 

If you want something big, you need to adjust your mentality to think big with a long term view. 

The strategies and products on my site are in a state of constant evolution, and I will move them forward as I grow and develop as a person.  I like to always be feeding my brain, and feeling like I'm learning and moving forward in life. 

I'm coming up to ten years I've worked in this industry, betting and trading professionally, fine tuning my trade all the while.

I'll be hitting the so called 10,000 hour rule soon, 10 years of sports betting and trading approx 180 minutes a day invested, which apparently is the tipping point to greatness (holding back a laugh). 

The 10,000 hours invested in to practicing and applying your trade is the point where the real success comes apparently.  I'd take just hitting my target of retiring by 50 ahead of schedule, which will mean everyone following my site and services will achieve their financial goals too. 

The strategy I mentioned at the start of my post today I recently mentioned in an Expo News update. 

In the post I stated that Dutch betting will be aiming to achieve twice as much profit growth in half the time next year, well in fact this could be the understatement of the century. 

The Automated Dutch betting product that's being readied for release is already smashing my expectations during live testing.  The back dated data testing produced some crazy numbers, but live in a short space of time is exceeding this using the unique staking method I developed with the bot I use. 

25% total balance growth in just over a week, and even on tricky days holding its own in ways that previous Dutch bets couldn't come close, for example a run of losses can be recovered in a few bets on the same day.  This has been unheard of with prior Dutch betting strategies. 

In fact, instead of being on the wrong side of the odds which is the case in most Dutching scenario's, as in you stake more than you expect to return on the covered outcomes.  This Dutch system spins this on its head, with the overall liability on the losses being lower than the average win odds. 

A Dutch betting system that mostly covers the majority of the runners in a race, but returns higher than stake, actually at circa evens each win.  Hard to believe isn't it, I felt the same until I ran the data and began live testing.

The data for this Dutch betting system is based on my two years recorded and published Dutch results, and also incorporates Focus Ratings which is my go to source of mathematical horse racing information. 

A growth rate such as this is the sort of thing you can actually get very excited about, as it would create substantial wealth in a quick time frame.  It's not a get rich quick scheme, in fact no schemes are involved or were hurt in the making of this blog post. 

It can run using automation, which at the moment I manage through Fairbot, but the goal is to have this ready early next year to be introduced with the Exponential Betting and Trade Bot. 

The all in one bot that will make using my bet and trade strategies much easier, no more multiple bots running with different subscriptions, just one bot to rule them all... 

Additionally, the strategy can actually be applied manually race by race, or using BSP Multiples, for those that prefer to be more hands on, and I know a proportion of you do operate your betting and trading like this. 

Each method of applying the bets has pro's and con's, ie automated against manual / BSP multiple placement. 

For example you use BSP multiples and yes the bets are managed for you, but the time it will take you to place them will be longer than using automation.  The bets are placed to SP with commission automatically deducted, but your total outlay at the time of placing the bets is a lot more than if operating a bot, which the bot will just be set up and fire the bets race by race at the right moment pre race to the exchange with zero set up time.  BSP multiples means the bets are definitely placed with no liquidity issues, but automation can adjust placement time to make sure enough liquidity is available most of the time, and so on...  

I'll list the pro's and con's, giving details of how to place the bets using both methods when I introduce the strategy. 

To summarize, with this Dutch betting system you can return a profit at circa evens or above, with an average liability of below this per losing bet.  A potential growth rate of approx 20% a week, although I think this will steady out realistically between 5% to 10% per week over the twelve months given the two year data assessed, and looking at live testing.  Which is still a staggering growth rate. 

I've pasted the results below from live testing to demonstrate what I've explained above. 

You can see in two weeks I hit 18% growth.  It went up to 22% then today to 25%, but watching the races and bets being fired using automation with Fairbot at the moment, I feel confident this will either be the go to strategy for most Exponential Bet members, or looking at the bigger picture the start for a new trend of higher yielding bet and trade methods to come in 2019. 

If you're interested in this strategy send me an email to and let me know, also in the email if you're more interested in the automated bot version, or just the system to place direct to Betfair from what I covered so far.

I'll be looking at an early access version of this strategy for people wanting in during live testing. 

It will be a stand alone product requiring no daily betting advice sent from myself, once you have it you'll have everything you need to run it with the bot, or direct to Betfair.  Which means no subscription fee's just a one off purchase price.

Ideally the timing will be right to offer a package deal including the Exponential Bet and Trade Bot at launch with a special discount, but more details to follow on this.  Obviously the bot will have a subscription charge given the ongoing maintenance of the software, licence fee's etc. 

For now though my sole priority with this strategy is to run it daily exactly as it is, no divergence, and record results as I prepare the early access version.  Exciting times!

Results from 6th to 15th December 2018

exponential bet

exponential bet

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