Why Do Anything Else?

Betting and trading at Exponential Bet in 2019 is already looking a completely different prospect to this time last year.

I'll round up the year in the final published Expo News of 2018 as I've a lot to cover, but I've already started setting up the new year for all my products and services.

I've an exciting proposition lined up set to return a minimum of 260% total profit against investment over a twelve month betting period. 

No loss recovery, no huge drawdowns, or long losing runs taking a month or so to bring back, in fact the current growth rate during live testing is circa 20% profit a week.  Yeah you read that right, per week!

Also, you have options to lock in the bets each day guaranteeing they are placed, or use automation to load the bets with a bot direct to the exchange, taking just minutes to set up all in one. 

Read on if this sort of investment interests you... 

In this post I just want to give you a sneak peak at a new Dutching strategy, which I know for a lot of you will be the betting system of choice in 2019.  Hence the title of the blog.

For me diversifying my betting and trading activity makes a lot of sense, as I can capitalize on more markets using different methods.  It also allows me the creativity I need to keep improving what I'm working with, testing new ideas in a live environment. 

The way I approach a lot of things is to just do it, and not over think it. 

If you over think something it probably won't ever happen, or by the time it does you're too late. 

It's better to try and fail, then realize exactly why you failed so you don't make the same mistakes again, getting closer to succeeding next time.

Nothing wrong with being prepared at all,  I'm a bit obsessive about certain routines so I understand this, but being over prepared often means you miss the boat.