The Expo News 4th November

Hi, I hope you're doing well.

I've not added a blog post for a while, but not for the want of wanting too... It's just time has been against me as I've been busy preparing the latest trade guide update, running the site, and answering emails.

All of which is important to me and I do my best to give my full attention.

This expo news today is a little different to previous updates where I breakdown the progress of each service neatly, as I'm just going to walk through each one and give my thoughts as I go.

The first under the microscope is In Play BETA which is rapidly becoming one of the most popular stand alone betting products available.

Since mid March using 1% stake per bet, placing a grand total of 626 Bets with a 56% Strike Rate, I've recorded a £771.58 total profit from £10.00 stake per bet. No loss recovery, and all in play bets placed on the Betfair exchange, so we will never be banned for winning too much!

Compared to the previous couple of months hovering around the 50% balance growth mark, it's great to see us get close to 80% growth and hold position.

It's still early days with this beta version and a lot more to come, but running this over the winter months is such useful data in preparation for the time ahead using this strategy.

betting system

It's an exchange based system which comes with all the obvious factors to consider, but it's got a lot of mileage still to clock before I shut the doors on new memberships, which will eventually happen in it's current format.

I was chatting to a colleague today about increasing scheduled market checks to ensure we're all able to be matched on enough bets, so over time the liquidity will not to be an issue for existing members. When I see this being a real problem that's when I'll withdraw this in play system.

The positive to take from this is obvious, as one system like this reaches its market capacity to comfortably function for all members, another will be born utilizing the data created from the journey this system has been on to reach that point.

On a final note with in play, The Bet Engine has developed an auto load feature which I'm confident will be added to the member section by Sunday 11th November.

This basically means, the manual selection method is optional, or you can choose to launch TBE and run it completely on auto pilot.