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The Expo News 4th November

Hi, I hope you're doing well.

I've not added a blog post for a while, but not for the want of wanting too... It's just time has been against me as I've been busy preparing the latest trade guide update, running the site, and answering emails.

All of which is important to me and I do my best to give my full attention.

This expo news today is a little different to previous updates where I breakdown the progress of each service neatly, as I'm just going to walk through each one and give my thoughts as I go.

The first under the microscope is In Play BETA which is rapidly becoming one of the most popular stand alone betting products available.

Since mid March using 1% stake per bet, placing a grand total of 626 Bets with a 56% Strike Rate, I've recorded a £771.58 total profit from £10.00 stake per bet. No loss recovery, and all in play bets placed on the Betfair exchange, so we will never be banned for winning too much!

Compared to the previous couple of months hovering around the 50% balance growth mark, it's great to see us get close to 80% growth and hold position.

It's still early days with this beta version and a lot more to come, but running this over the winter months is such useful data in preparation for the time ahead using this strategy.

betting system

It's an exchange based system which comes with all the obvious factors to consider, but it's got a lot of mileage still to clock before I shut the doors on new memberships, which will eventually happen in it's current format.

I was chatting to a colleague today about increasing scheduled market checks to ensure we're all able to be matched on enough bets, so over time the liquidity will not to be an issue for existing members. When I see this being a real problem that's when I'll withdraw this in play system.

The positive to take from this is obvious, as one system like this reaches its market capacity to comfortably function for all members, another will be born utilizing the data created from the journey this system has been on to reach that point.

On a final note with in play, The Bet Engine has developed an auto load feature which I'm confident will be added to the member section by Sunday 11th November.

This basically means, the manual selection method is optional, or you can choose to launch TBE and run it completely on auto pilot.

Initial tests have returned the data that selecting manually and using auto load does have some race differences, as obviously if you're setting up your day in the morning manually the racing will look different to when it jumps, which is how the auto load selects the races at start time.

The data so far has come back as expected showing these factors all average out over time. If you're sticking to manual or decide to opt for auto load your results will differ slightly, but over time the financial returns we'd expect to be virtually identical.

Additionally, a clever member of the service is creating a bespoke bot to run the system on auto pilot, so we will have more info to follow on this once it nears completion.

The Betfair Trading Guide update has been delayed slightly, not for long, but quite rightly I need a bit more time to get all the new content included in a format that works for all members. ETA is still this month, so not a million miles away.

The automated trading is being added, an update for method 1, a detailed history of results published, and a fair bit of housekeeping.

All the methods are having a step by step approach re write to ensure they can be picked up by everyone with as much ease as possible.

This guide is not a bee all and end all insight in to how to trade and become a trading guru, we've plenty of top experts online that will teach you the inside out of Betfair trading.

The Betfair Trading Guide is a set of strategies that have been created and used which show consistent steady profits over time if applied on a regular basis.

I put this out there a lot to make it completely clear I'm not professing to be a trading expert, I'm someone who is very analytical and look for the easiest ways to make money online using Betfair. Things you can repeat with a structured plan to follow.

betfair trading

If you're looking to learn everything about trading Betfair this guide possibly isn't for you, but if you're looking for easy to follow trading methods that can be applied daily, then it should be right up your street.

It's an ever growing resource, which is on the precipice of a significant injection of new automated and improved trading methods to be included. Which also comes with a lifetime membership for all future updates. I'm genuinely excited for what the future holds for this guide, and looking forward to getting in to the swing of adding regular new content.

Expect some recent trade results to the blog later next week, and a work through history of each method and how it's done to date.

Trading is such an extensive subject, and I'm just scratching the surface with this upcoming version, with a further series scheduled in quick succession.

Automated trading is the order of the day with these updates, and with such a small spread of data at this point, this time 12 months from now we should be looking at some very exciting auto trade options.

The Dutch Betting Guide will receive a new update this side of Xmas, with more data included to improve the overall selection process and create a faster process for selection, with a greatly improve source for due diligence. I'll report more on this data source next week with a detailed blog post.

Also, an additional higher yielding Dutch I've been working on to be added asap.

Football betting I'm looking at creating an earlier locked in profit for pre match bets, so watch this space as I'll publish more when I've confirmed the data.

The Bet Bot since it's recent update has been quietly going about its business in style, and the bank for this has increased at a steady rate with no drama.

The beauty of the bet bot system is it's own unique USP, which if you're looking to make steady gains and your patient with a very large bank, you can make a lot of money and not have any issues being matched. It's also very quick and easy to select the correct bets now, literally done and dusted in minutes on applicable days.

The percentage growth isn't as high as the In Play BETA for example or reported returns for my trading activity, but like the Dutching using BSP Multiples getting the bets matched at high stakes is not an issue, and never will be unless you're trying to match crazy money, ie many hundreds of thousands up to a million per bet.

Okay that's me done for tonight, I have a cheese and wine evening planned and my tummy is rumbling at the thought.

Results for all services are up to date at time of publishing this post at Exponential Bet.

If you've any questions let me know, my email is

I'm off tomorrow (Monday 5th November) so expect my out of office if you email, but I always reply to all messages on my return so bear with me and I'll get back to you asap.

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