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The Expo News 8th October

Times a ticking and we're not getting any younger. I heard a great quote recently on the most unlikely TV show, 'today is the youngest you'll ever be and the oldest you've ever been'.

I mean you can't argue with that, and reminds me of a point I made in an older blog post named Blink and You Miss It,

There really is just this very moment. The past is a memory, the future an idea, all we have is now.

With this in mind, I feel like right now I'm seizing the moment more than ever, and making solid headway toward the goal of early retirement. With my existing members already joining me on this journey, and hopefully this Expo News will spark enough interest to get you involved if not already on-board.

Recently I'm feeling more organized, getting through jobs quicker, and adding more value with what I deliver. This is no coincidence, it's a conscious effort and I'm feeling good about it.

We've imminent updates for Bet Bot, Betfair Trading, and Football Betting scheduled for this month. Plus, applying data analysis to In Play Betting and Dutch Betting, which I'm aiming to be implemented this month / start of next.

These are my key focus areas, which I'll cover in more detail below for each service

Before I get stuck in to this, I just want to let you know I've an Affiliate Program set up, which in laymen terms means, if you're interested in promoting my site and services you can now become a re-seller.

Even if you just want to recommend a few people to my site, then why not receive a commission for this on all sales made using your referral information. Just send me an email to if you want to find out more.

Without further ado let's get to how we're doing:

The Bet Bot is having a brand spanking new guide published, with additional video content demonstrating the latest betting method. This will ideally be with you sooner than expected, as I'm making good progress with the content and guide itself. ETA is this month, but I'm hoping as stated for an early delivery.

I want this version to be the one that runs for a long time, which is the main reason I've held back for so long issuing this update.

As previously stated, this is a radical step forward and a move in the right direction toward being more productive, while maintaining a steady safer balance growth.

The Bet Bot system operates a loss recovery, and as such requires specific parameters to be met in order to be continually successful.

All members of this service will receive new login access details, and as always with my stand alone products future updates are included for all members.

You may have noticed the balance growth for football rapidly catching up to the horse racing bot results, this is no fluke, and all will be revealed in this upcoming update.

Current combined balance growth: 21.75%

betting bot system

My recent blog updates for my automated trading methods show this currently being tuned, which is in process each day being tested thoroughly. I'm looking to establish the most effective method to introduce later this month.

In addition, method 1 already available within the guide will receive one or two new available options.

The next update in the blog will be mid next week, possibly Wednesday / Thursday, as Saturday's trading activity just broke even after a promising start, with today and tomorrow no trading days.

You can stay up to date with my progress in the Betfair Trading blog here.

Current balance growth: +492%

swing trading

After a couple of weeks holding position, the profit graph finally broke free in the right direction yesterday for the pre match bets.

This is very much a long term strategy, and over the next few years you'll see the balance for these selective bets kick on and show impressive returns.

The staking is ratcheted for football betting, which gives weight to the statement above, as the balance increases our percentage returns will take this small investment to a much larger balance.

Other important news for football betting this month, is that I'm making the bet bot which I originally used for these bets defunct, as it's no longer required.

The staking is so easy to follow manually, and the bot only applied to the pre match bets anyway.

Also, the bet bot limits the bet type, and I need to break free of this opening up more creative ways to build the betting bank.

The getting started PDF will reflect this change from early next week, with the influx of bets outside the bot parameters being introduced over the coming weeks.

Current combined balance growth: 20%

football tips

This strategy is still officially in test phase but available for early access at 25% less than retail price once launched. You can get hold of a copy of the current guide at the reduced price here.

I've been collating and building data filters to assess with this system, and will be implemented with the goal of increasing strike rate to build the bet bank at a faster rate.

The ETA for the data assessment completion is the 17th October, then ideally by the end of this month / early next begin introducing the new selection filters.

Current balance growth: 57.9%

in play betting

In September I introduced the Dutch Single bets to my Dutch Betting Service, which can be followed as a stand alone strategy, or as part of the All Dutch Bets subscription plan.

They operate at a much higher percentage return, run using a bot direct to the exchange, and after 12 bets in the past month have a strike rate of 92%.

A guide is also available for my Dutch betting, which gives you the option to learn how to find the bets yourself without the need to subscribe. This also comes with 3 months advised bets to hand hold you through the learning process.

In addition to these bets I've data analysis to factor in for the Dutch Multiple bets, with the sole aim to capitalize on the current opportunities with the existing bets, but a more aggressive technique applied. ETA for this is either end of this month / early next.

Current combined balance growth: 46.4%

dutch betting system

You can also subscribe to both my Dutch betting and Football subscription services with One Subscription.

The benefit of this option is that it's more cost effective than subscribing to both individually, plus you get access to a member area with links for all my stand alone products listed above, all with a huge 50% discount.

Additionally, any future subscription services added to Exponential Bet will be included with your subscription automatically at no extra cost.


Dare I mention there are rumblings afoot in the crypto sphere, with some rumours certain coins are poised to hit a bull run.

It's almost the unmentionable topic of 2018 after the bear run which saw prices plummet for a host of coins, but as I've always said with crypto in my previous posts, it's a long game.

Across the entire timeline of blockchain this past year is a mere blip, and in my humble opinion those who've bought wisely will reap the rewards over the next couple of years.

This is not financial advice just my opinion, but XRP which I mentioned some time back, and even ETN which fell through the floor when the crash hit, are just a couple of coins with potential for incredible growth over the coming years.

I personally think looking at the numbers XRP could hit £10.00 a coin early next year, which would be a good time to sell some and cash in some profit.

With ETN eventually climbing to a £1.00 a coin by mid to end of next year, and again a good time to sell some to cash out a profit to give you an all green situation effectively betting with profit.

Which is less than my original estimate for ETN, as I forgot to turn on my crystal ball pre market crash in January unfortunately.

Another little birdie informed me that if Bitcoin gets anywhere near £3500.00 this will be an indicator to buy, but we know that little birdies sometimes fall off their perch, so again take this with a pinch of salt, but if I'm right on this and you do invest at this point, remember where you heard it first.

As I get more time near the end of this year, which to be fair is my scheduled period for streamlining the site and services to free space in calendar in 2019, I'll begin reporting more detail about my crypto investments and opinions.

I'll have my You Tube channel more active with regular content soon, and my Charlie Brown sized head on camera, so sharing these updates and content will be even easier.

Feel free to visit my channel in the meantime and subscribe, so you don't miss my videos when I start posting.

Okay that's me done for tonight and signing off, with an official day off booked for tomorrow.

Well, by day off I mean spent at the gym in the morning moving my chunky rump, and then finishing website updates lining up my work for the week, but that's a day off for me as I'm a man obsessed with success for all involved with Exponential Bet.

Any questions, let me know and I'll get back to you asap.

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