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The Expo News 24th Sept

In today's Expo News:

45 days pre race trading has produced +415% total balance growth.

I'll back track over my historical published blog results from day one to show this as a graph in the next guide update.

This is not too shabby, and a positive demonstration of the potential trading Betfair.

That said, the results I achieved trade by trade would not necessarily be exactly the same as you would achieve on the same day, at the same time, for fairly obvious and understandable reasons.

If following the guide to the letter then you would be getting close to these percentage growth numbers, or even doing a lot better.

Unlike my betting systems where I send specific advice, so you will be matched at either the exact SP odds to get the same profit, or close to live odds if backing at specific recommended times, when trading you're in complete control of what you're trading, when you enter and exit the trade, so this will of course produce different results for everyone.

We also have a multitude of other factors such as liquidity to contend with. I may enter and exit the trade using a large amount of money just before you're about to jump in that makes your trade vanish, or you may do the same to me by moving the odds out of favour.

This is one reason why a live webinar would always be a terrible idea.

The exchange is open to a lot of different situations and conditions that will impact the trading process for every person involved.

The way the trading guide is laid out is to simplify all of this as much as possible, and give you a working edge when assessing and deciding to get involved.

Each strategy in the guide demonstrates a method of trading that works for me consistently, which at the point I enter and exit the trades has proved to be successful over a long period.

When you learn this and begin implementing the trades, it's down to your own decision making using the step by step process shown in the guide to start achieving the same, or as stated even better results than I reported.

Plenty of times I've been over cautious with my trading, so without doubt you could do a lot better than my recorded results, but plenty of times I've been more aggressive than you may be and let a trade run longer which has returned an unexpected higher profit. Which is my point exactly, we will all achieve different results depending on these factors, also of course amounts invested play a part.

The strategies themselves are simple to follow and easy to apply, and the good news is they are about to get even easier.

No expert knowledge is required to be able to pick up and begin using my trading strategies.

They are also not vague explanations of what is trading, they are specific trade methods with detailed instructions to follow and begin making profits applying them.

I find a lot of trading guides sell themselves as teaching you how to make money trading, and then leave you out in the cold with no actual practical knowledge to implement trades, whereas the guide currently has two methods you can pick up and learn.

They come with a detailed PDF and video examples demonstrating the process of identifying the opportunities, and then applying the trades from start to end.

What's new in the next update, well I'm presently testing automated files to import to a bot that will run a trading method on autopilot.

Additionally, I've revised method 1 and created an effective alternate option, which I recorded a video for last week that accompanies my last reported results. This is a very nice addition to the guide, and free's up a lot of the time required throughout the afternoon. Not only this, it reduces overall liabilities and risk significantly.

The newer method can be placed without the need for a bot, and manual trading is without doubt an option.

Having the bot place the trades on auto pilot is a huge plus for most of my members, given you will be able to source a suitable race for each trade, and then leave the bot to do the rest.

For those working 9-5 it will be a very welcome solution to profiting from trading Betfair.

I never imagined it would be possible, but with the latest trade strategy it's changed my perspective on what's doable using the strategy editor, and doing it manually or on auto pilot really produces the same outcome.

I'm testing a few variations of this approach, so either it will be whittled down to the one that works the best, or you will have a few options included to adapt to personal requirements.

More to come on this as I'll need a couple of weeks testing the automated files.

You can stay up to date with my trading blogs in the meantime here, which I will be continuing from Thursday this week after a day or two trading. The past two days cards haven't appealed enough to get involved.

If you didn't know already I've been developing an automated in play betting system, that currently now works with four established betting bots.

Three of which are able to run this as set and forget, ie you select the races and then leave it to run the strategy while you're doing something else, at work, or away from your desk living the life ideally!

The strategy runs using flat stakes of 1% of start bank, and is presently at 54% balance growth after six months. You can find out more and purchase early access to this strategy via the In Play BETA landing page here.

This is a one off purchase not subscription, so all future updates are included at no extra charge.

Members receive access to the a secure login area, with a detailed PDF explaining the strategy and selection criteria, also a comprehensive set of videos showing everything from set up to adding the races. You get to see the system running throughout the day, corresponding to the reported results for these periods.

Also, links to the bots being used and files to import to run the strategy are included. All that's required at present (until this is automated too) is to quickly scan the racing and select the strategy to run over the racing throughout the day. It takes approx 5 minutes, with no external website research required.

It's currently still in BETA and doing very well in testing up until official release.

Unlike Betfair Trading the selection process should mirror everyone else following the strategy, as the criteria for each race is laid out and bullet pointed in the guide and shown in the videos.

The only factors that will mean someone else gets slightly different results to you in the long term is the speed at which your bot places the bets, liquidity with the in running markets, internet speed, not following the selection criteria, and other techie things related to getting the bet placed in play at the time you want it.

With any betting system not taking SP odds their will always be some variance, but the key point here is the system overall does well enough that even with some marginal differences it's still profitable.

The fact the first race first winner stat is currently circa 55% of the races, which means in these races the first race you're done and dusted for the day as we run stop at a winner, this gives the strategy a very positive edge.

I was asked on Reddit, if the strategy is so good why stop at a win and not carry on for the entire day banking more profit. This was my reply below:

The percentage of first race first wins for the system is circa 55%, which is across just short of 500 bets.

Stopping at a winner guarantees that day you make your profit, whereas it's shown when carrying on all day everyday exposes you to more chances of winning, but also more chance to lose. Stopping at a win reduces overall exposure, and given the high strike rate of first race first wins, recovers any losing periods quicker.

It's not a science after all, and most successful bettors or traders stop when they hit target. It's like leaving a casino when you're ahead, instead of thinking hey this is going great I'll carry on all night..

Which I think explains very well why I adopt stop at a winner for this strategy.

Since we launched for early access members on the 16th July, if following the strategy on the same day for the same races and stake you would have potentially banked £201.11, which is a 13% total balance growth in approx two months.

This is over the change in season which is always a factor in horse racing, and without the additional time spent fine tuning the selection process to improve strike rate. I'm expecting twice this level of growth once the strategy is fully fleshed out.

We're looking at £546.58 profit since mid March at present, which for a flat staking system that's never put the bank in any danger with biggest draw down percentage still at 7%, this is looking like a perfect long term betting system.

in play betting

I do not advise ramping up the staking exponentially as I do with some of my other systems, ie Dutching and Football Betting, as the markets will not be able to handle huge stakes in play. Dutch betting and football it can do no problem, in fact I posted recently about my Dutch systems being able to payout up to a million a day, you can read that blog post here if you missed it.

Football betting of course in the main leagues is highly liquid, and you can get thousands matched in seconds pre match, and even in play on the right matches.

In play horse racing depending on the racing and market volume means you're max amount in running to be matched in my opinion would be £50.00. This would be in decent mid week races, but for the main event racing you'd be looking possibly up to a £1000.00 without having any liquidity issues.

This is not the max amount in general, as you can obviously get a lot more in the market, it's in relation to this exact in play betting strategy.

I've had £500 go through no problem, but this was prior to releasing the service within a very active market. I'm very conscious of the impact of multiple users placing the same bet on the same market. Which brings me on to my final point on this strategy.

I am monitoring the affect to the liquidity, and will reduce memberships if I see this having a negative affect.

I'm pleased to report during early access no members have reported on a regular basis issues with being matched. We've had one or two days when outcomes have differed for each member, but that could be for different reasons, and if it was liquidity then on those days the racing quality was quite low anyway so it would make sense.

It's of course your choice how much you decide to bet with, but I'd like you all to get the best out of this system to enjoy making money with it for a long time. I'd request you stick to the max levels stated above for the bread and butter racing, and main event meetings feel free to go large.

In Play Betting BETA Version is available now, and for 25% below launch price, As stated this may become a limited product if liquidity activity ever becomes an issue, so if you're interested in this grab your membership now.

The two established Dutch strategies have a one bank combined total balance growth of 43%, with 28 consecutive winning Dutch Multiple bets, and Dutch Singles which is a recent addition is on 86% strike rate after 7 bets, with an average odds return of 27% per bet.

I'm mid data crunching historical data to create an optional Dutch bet each day, nothing new with regard to the selection process or adding more work, just the existing daily bet sent to members with a big more risk reward on the this Dutch, but backed up by stats. We all love stats!

dutch betting

ETA October for this extra bet and data analysis to accompany it, which will be added to the Dutch Betting page and sent to members to digest ahead of time.

The predicted 100% ROI for Dutch Betting has approx 3 months to deliver, and at 43% on current course I'd usually say this will fall short, but with the new addition of Dutch Singles, and the more renegade Dutch bet to be introduced, I'm quietly confident.

This is the dark horse of the betting systems I deploy daily, except it's football betting and neigh horses are involved.

I feel that over time this will start showing seriously impressive numbers.

The strategy operates using a safe recovery system across specifically selected football bets, and as you can see from the graph below steadily over time recovers a losing bet, and then due to the selection process pushes on to a new profit again and again. It's proved this over the course of this year since I adapted this staking approach.

The current one bank combined total is at 18.4% growth, this is for pre match and in play betting. The in play bets are sent via Whatsapp or text message, whichever members prefer.

The huge plus point for this system is the market liquidity, as it's football and your bets are getting matched effortlessly. Big players step this way!

Also, the selection process I use is geared to the way the staking set up works, and as I always run my own bets I tailor the bets accordingly.

Software is also available to run the bets once placed in the bot, but not necessary and I run the strategy both ways to support members.

Not the most prolific ROI so far this year, but with a gap during the off season and the World Cup out the way, the start of the domestic leagues this year has proved positive, and my target of 30% ROI in year one using this method of staking, which has exponential growth potential, is looking likely to be smashed.

football betting tips

in play betting

For more info and to join up, visit the Football Betting page here.

Last year I began running betting bots for place market and football bets, and to begin with operated quite a blanket approach which I'd say I got lucky with initially.

After seeing it hit some highs and lows I fine tuned it all to improve the strike rate significantly, and this worked, but had a direct effect on the predicted ROI.

To be fair, compared to most other investments you will get involved the yield on my betting and trading systems far exceeds the alternatives, and all operate to protect the initial investment.

I've never had a single member who follows my systems using my recommended staking report having an entire invested betting bank wiped out. This bet bot strategy though when first launched was rather volatile and needed reeling in.

I have identified as times ticked along that these bot systems can perform better, especially with the football one.

Looking at the place market strategy I feel the staking plan needs a rework, as does the selection process. Also, the issue of liquidity within the place market needs addressing.

This is on my priority list for next month, as I know a chunk of members use this method in its existing format successfully and would like to get more out of it, which is what I'm aiming to deliver.

The football bot system has been refined, and I just need to add the latest adjustments to the next update, so this will come likely be included ahead of the place market fine tuning, as I want to get this out there asap.

The football bot results began catching up to the place market bot, which is down to the adjustments I made.

Football betting using the bot is very comfortable, and with the next upgrade you'll see me invest more money in to this automated betting system.

Watch this space, as this is definitely a service I'm working to take up a few gears. You can find out more and purchase the current bet bot version here.

Current combined one bank total growth 20.59%.

Finally, if you didn't already know you can subscribe to my Dutch Betting and Football Subscription services with a combined membership option.

This comes with a saving of course, but not only that all future subscription services to the site are included, you will never pay a penny more, or be bothered needed to keep up to date with release dates etc, you will have immediate access.

Also, all the one off payment stand alone products such as Betfair Trading, In Play Betting, the Betting Bot systems, and my Dutch Betting Guide are available at 50% off the official retail prices.

You can find out more and subscribe either monthly, six monthly, or yearly, and receive access to the members section where you can access the discounted payment links.


This is possibly the longest post I've made, but I wanted to cover what I'm working on with the site and current services in detail.

I'm always pushing to make things better for my members and for myself in the way I present my products and services.

The thing I feel most passionately with Exponential Bet is helping you achieve your targets using my bet and trade advice, that's the most important aspect of what I do each day.

I'll publish the next news update in a couple of weeks, with ideally some boxes ticked off my to do list above.

Thanks for making it to the end.

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