The Expo News 11th Sept

I may have been quieter than usual reporting site and service news recently, but actually I've been busier than ever and run off my feet.

Granted not 100% the busy I'd like, ie sat at my desk betting and trading, but mixed in with the mucking out of horse stables, dog walking, shopping, caring for the disabled (my partner with her knackered back), I have been working hard on the site and services.

The website you may have noticed is having a complete face lift, while I've been making overall improvements.

exponential bet

Given my better half severely damaged her back at the end of August, and as we've got two horses, three dogs, plus she's needed extra care, my time has been spread thinly. Blogging and social media updates have taken a back seat, while I spin a lot of plates keeping the household and business ticking over.

I've been pining to get back to a regular routine, as much as I don't mind mucking in and doing my bit, running Exponential Bet and meeting deadlines with my bet and trade systems is a top priority.

Let me get straight to it and give you a round up of where I am with certain pending jobs, and what I've introduced to the site.

Dutch Betting:

The latest Dutch Betting Guide V6.05 has been published, and brings a lot more to the table.

  • The guide now covers the One Dutch and Value Dutch Bet selection process in detail.

  • Has a full video walk through for both Dutch betting systems, end to end showing how to select the correct races and horses.

  • Dutch Singles set up video, with automated strategy files to download with a betting bot to run them. Dutch Singles is a new automated Dutch betting system that places the bets direct to the exchange 20 seconds pre race.

  • Now has a secure member section for Dutch Guide members.

  • Staking and growing the balance, along with a spreadsheet to record your results.

  • Along with much more included in the guide to teach you about Dutch betting and help you get started as quickly as possible finding your own profitable Dutch bets.

  • Value Dutch Bet is officially off and running, averaging 20% per dutch ROI against stake.

  • I mentioned to Dutch members that I've identified a profitable niche within the historical results, which is a fact, so I'll be looking to spend time exploring this in to Quarter 4 to extrac