The Rub

If you're looking for long term profits betting and trading on sports, then don't expect it to be easy.

It's how we deal with obstacles that determine our long term success.

I wrote to my Dutch betting members recently about the way Anna Lisa Balding handled the plane crash at Haydock, she deserves some recognition and is an example to us all, I was actually in awe.

Everyone escaped the accident injury free thank goodness, but it must have been terrifying and puts life in perspective.

richard hannon plane crash

Anna Lisa was interviewed shortly after the crash looking very composed considering what just happened, then went on to watch her horse 'Here Comes When' romp to victory in the 2.25pm, which was also included in Value Dutch Bet sent to members.

She was stoic and confident throughout the interview after nearly losing everything in her life just moments earlier, which to me showed amazing professionalism demonstrating such a winning mentality. Truly inspirational in my humble opinion.

A lesson in standing up straight with our shoulders back, and taking whatever comes at us in our stride. Showing the world we are strong and confident in the face of any adversity.

If we gave up at every hurdle or each new challenge we'd never achieve anything worthwhile in our lives. If we quit whenever we lost a bet and went looking for the next betting system, we'd always be watching the balance go the wrong way. If each time the bank takes a dip we jump ship, expect to always be watching the betting bank dwindle, that's the simple fact of it. The profit graphs for all my betting services at Exponential Bet demonstrate this very well.

They all take a tumble at some point, but in the long run recoup and push on to a new profit high. If I'd quit and moved on to something else at each loss I'd never see the benefit.

You will have good and bad days, weeks, or months. That is as they say, the rub of it!

It's the biggest challenge everyone involved with betting will encounter. Dealing with the losses, the highs and lows, the points where the balance is diving, it's these situations where the vast majority of people will either throw in the towel, or jump on to something else.

Ditching what could actually bring them long term profits for the next potential quick fix, it can become a constant case of the grass is always greener, which can be a costly affair.

The perfect betting system that never ever loses doesn't exist, btw fyi in case you hadn't already realized.