100% Positive Trend

Dutch betting systems, football predictions, in play betting, Betfair trading, and betting bots at Exponential Bet all have something in common.

exponential bet

They all show an upward profit trend in 2018, which is 100% across all the bet and trade services available.

My betting and trading strategies are designed for steady long term percentage gains over a year, and on-wards.

No get rich quick schemes, if that's what you're looking for you're in the wrong place, but I have got a bridge to sell you (joke obviously)....

The betting and trading strategies at Exponential Bet are based on research, testing, and continual development.

One month will differ to another, and your profit will be variable. This is in fact the nature of being self employed, an investor, trader, or any activity involving putting your money in to get more out.

I get asked this same question god knows how many times a month, 'if I invest X amount how much will I earn every month', and the answer is of course how long is a piece of string.

All I'm interested in with my betting or trading is long term consistent growth, not short term steep ups and downs associated with punting.

The reason for this is my own personal goal for early retirement, which I take very serious.

I'm 47 years of age, and in the next few years I want to move to a country I've got my sights on, with my partner, and have the life we both want for our remaining years.

I'll continue running this site, but I'll have more time on my hands based on my returns based on current investment right now.

The motivation for this site is to share the journey with members who've got an investing mindset.

The biggest thing in common being, we take our betting/investing deadly serious. I'm not interested in the banter involved with sport, I look at the bottom line against the investment of my time and money.