Hello August

My progress to streamline the services on the site and boost performance, while creating less admin for myself, as time is most definitely precious, made positive steps in the right direction last month.

Still very much a work in progress though, which will possibly take me up until the end of August/September, but worth every ounce of effort I'm putting in now.

The goal for me is to have everything running like clockwork, so I can devote more time to make you money, but without the grind I'd created for myself with results updates, and concepts that do work, but can do so much more efficiently freeing up time for us all to enjoy the profits.

being more productive

Make sense? Well, from someone who's at their desk most days coming up to 12 to 14 hours lately, I needed to find a way to bring this down while increasing my output, which is what this recent site and service update mission has been about.

What's in the pipeline for this month:

Betting Bot Upgrade

  • Introduce the advised bets for the betting bots. This is really just for the place bot, as the football selection process is literally point and click, but the place bot process is over due an update. This will introduce a simpler and much faster way to locate the bets, literally cutting the whole thing down by two thirds. All subscribed members of my betting bot service will begin receiving the advised bets by email as a screen shot for 3 months, at no extra cost included in the one off purchase, along with an updated PDF and more video content added to the members area. As stated, this is well overdue and taken longer than I'd expected, but it's coming in August.

Betfair Trading Guide

  • The guide and £100 to £1000 challenge I publish in the blog had to grind to a halt, only to allow room on the exchange to develop In Play Betting and Dutch Singles. It's impossible to run too many strategies on the same day in the same races, and then be able to demonstrate these to other members. If you're running them for yourself then you can pre-race trade, create a Dutch Single, and even run the In Play method all on the same race, but as I have to create instructions for people and also not overload myself during this process, I had to divert my focus during this creative period. With a bit more work to complete for the above mentioned services, trading will be back on track I'm aiming for mid to end of August, with a new guide update due shortly after containing a new method, and house keeping. It's something I'm taking very serious, but as you know will require a lot of my time to trade and record new content, which is why I'm making sure this next update is something completely fresh and worth the wait.

Football Betting Subscription

  • This will get attention heading in to the new season, but the initial focus is to keep both the pre-match and in-play bets profitable during this month. The trading app I mentioned before the start of the World Cup will hopefully be ready to include with this service, or as an extra bolt on, but I need some time with it first, although initial tests and usage is looking very positive for in play football trading. All subscribed members will get some time with the in play trades, having them sent during games, so I'll be looking at your feedback to assess the best way to introduce this. This may happen near t