In Play Betting Release Date

The In Play Betting Prototype will be available for early release by end of business Monday 16th July.

I'm spending the rest of the day after posting this, apart from taking dogs out, and watching the World Cup out of the corner of my eye, I'll be getting enough info in this prototype release for group one members to start as effortlessly as possible.

I'll be gathering feedback from group one, and releasing updates for the strategy to users which will take place up to official release. This is a prototype, and I'm only accepting a small group to begin with to finish the testing process.

Also, I'm looking to test other API's which operate a stop at a percentage profit, and these may be able to run the In Play Betting Strategy as a set and forget system. In the meantime, you can access your PC / Mac remotely if you're not able to manage it due to work commitments.

I'll hopefully have the other API's tested by the 23rd July, so not too long to wait, and ideally I'll get it running exactly as the current API.

A point to note is that I'm running the strategy beyond the stop at a win (SAW) threshold presently, to test the validity of SAW against just running all applicable races throughout the day, in other words, which is more profitable in the long run.

As an example, during a days testing on the 5th June I ran the strategy across 13 races, and won on 9 of them, which obviously gave more profit that day than SAW approach.

SAW has obvious advantages, and in my opinion less risk of being caught on a longer losing spell, but from testing so far while improving the selection method since March when I began, the system has proved robust enough to run this way during the majority of days I've let all bets play out.

Something to consider, and up to release I'll have gathered more data to make a case for it for or against. All of which I'll be sharing with early release members.

This is what's included with this early release:

  • A getting started PDF.

  • Results spreadsheet.

  • Four strategy editor files compatible with the API, including the primary method used to achieve my reported results. These will fire the bets to the exchange automatically.