I'm Back, At Last!

My IT issues are 90% fixed, and I can now do most of what I need to while the rest is being repaired. What an almighty yawn fest that's been. Approximately two weeks of not being able to work on my site properly, and get things up to speed for quarter 3.

Anyway I'll bore you not with my IT woes, let's get today's update started looking at the first six months.

It's been a busy year so far, but the rest of 2018 will make the first half look like an afternoon nap.

All results up to the end of Q2 are updated and posted for Dutch Betting, Football Betting, & Bet Bot pages.

Betfair Trading results are always updated in the trading blog which you can find here. They will be brought up to date on Sunday now my site editing is working again. All pre-race trading I've done since the last update, and over this weekend will be then be included.

Here's a brief overview at a glance of 2018 Results up to 30th June:

Dutch Betting: +29%

Football Pre Match: +7%

Football In Play: +3%

Betfair Trading £100 to £1000 challenge running total: +338%

Bet Bot Football: +5.15%

Bet Bot Horse Racing Place Market: +9.81%

In Play Betting (Release TBC): 30%

Now let's look what's new for Q3:

. Dutch Betting will be simplified by the10th July. The service will have a new staking plan operating one betting bank. A new value bet added returning at higher odds, with the