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I'm Back, At Last!

My IT issues are 90% fixed, and I can now do most of what I need to while the rest is being repaired. What an almighty yawn fest that's been. Approximately two weeks of not being able to work on my site properly, and get things up to speed for quarter 3.

Anyway I'll bore you not with my IT woes, let's get today's update started looking at the first six months.

It's been a busy year so far, but the rest of 2018 will make the first half look like an afternoon nap.

All results up to the end of Q2 are updated and posted for Dutch Betting, Football Betting, & Bet Bot pages.

Betfair Trading results are always updated in the trading blog which you can find here. They will be brought up to date on Sunday now my site editing is working again. All pre-race trading I've done since the last update, and over this weekend will be then be included.

Here's a brief overview at a glance of 2018 Results up to 30th June:

Betfair Trading £100 to £1000 challenge running total: +338%

In Play Betting (Release TBC): 30%

Now let's look what's new for Q3:

. Dutch Betting will be simplified by the10th July. The service will have a new staking plan operating one betting bank. A new value bet added returning at higher odds, with the current 6 Dutch bet types to be condensed in to 'One Dutch'.

This means the Dutch guide will be amended accordingly, which will be posted to members in July, with the subscribers getting started PDF before the official service change over.

In addition to this near the end of July an optional extra set of Dutch single bets will be added each day, these are to be placed directly on the exchange, and have a target odds level of 1.50 per Dutch.

This is an extra Dutch service aside from the current subscription, but all current Dutch betting members presently subscribed will receive this included, and do not need to do anything as long as you're subscribed.

. The In Play Betting Strategy will be available to everyone registered for the early release prototype version in July. I've aiming to have this with you asap, ideally mid July.

You can read more about The In Play Betting Strategy in my recent blog posts here.

One thing not included in the recent blog posts is that I've added an extra strategy you can use with the API for in play bets. It's still in testing like the primary files which run with the API, but this is a simple to use method that at the moment is turning a consistent profit as a set and forget in play betting system.

. Betting Bot Systems advised bets will begin in July. All members of this service will receive a getting started welcome email, and then after bets will be sent by email for 3 months. Then after the bets will be optional.

The place betting service will also be available via a stand alone subscription, with my results posted on both the bet bot pages, and on a new place betting page I'll be adding soon.

The football bot system runs different to the place bets, and require in my opinion a bot to get the best out of them, so if you're looking for football predictions with a staking plan, you can find more about my subscription bets here.

The results for the advised football bets will still be posted on the bet bot page though, and updated regularly once the advised bets kick off for the betting bots.

Also, both bet bot systems are now available as one package, and for £99.99 for the both.

It made sense to finally integrate these two to one service, as they compliment each other very well.

Both user manuals for the bot systems will also be updated in line with the advised bets commencing, as making place market selections is now a lot faster and more selective. So this will need covering in detail in the next PDF and video update later this month.

. Football Betting to have Correct Score Dutching included when the Premier League resumes again in August. Also, a vast increase in bets which ideally will get us close to +50% by December.

. In Play Football Trading was due to commence during the World Cup, but the software I'm using for this at the last minute ran into some compatibility issues with the data, and without boring you to tears with the nerdy details, it will be ready for the next Premier League season. Which means in play football trading will still be coming to Exponential Bet.

I'd expect this to land mid August after a week testing the system when the Premier League kicks off.

. Betfair Trading will be getting a new trade method included, which you can read more in recent trading blog posts here.

I've had to spread my time thinly with all the fine tuning going on recently, and I'm obviously limited as to how much I can do at once on the exchange, but still made time in between to make trades and work on the new method.

Improving what I have to make things more profitable and easier to use will be a game changer for me, which will free up more time to spend pre-race trading.

. The Exponential Bet You Tube Channel will start broadcasting sometime in July, once the first update for Dutch betting is ready I'll get my slap on and get in front of the cam. There will be videos posted regularly once I get going, but weekly to begin.

Also, I'm considering one reduced subscription for everything I do, what are your thoughts about this, would anyone be interested in this? If so let me know.

That's it for now, but keep a look out for updates landing in your inbox over the coming days and weeks, as things start to take shape. If you've any questions drop me an email to and I'll get back to you asap.

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