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My Ugly Mug

Next month the Exponential Bet You Tube channel is getting an overhaul, which up until now has just been a place to load videos linked to blog posts.

You will have the pleasure (or pain) of seeing my face on camera covering betting and trading ideas, along with anything else I feel should be included.

exponential bet

Exponential Bet is unique in what it provides members, and my view of betting and trading comes from a very different place to other sites offering advice on the subject, so this has been a long time coming.

It will tie in nicely with upcoming updates for all services, and any questions I get asked from members needing a more in depth reply can be covered directly on You Tube.

With big plans in store for Exponential Bet we're just getting started in reality, so having an ever growing video resource to share ideas, strategies I'll be putting out there for free, discussing our current bet and trade methods, having a medium to reply to member questions, discuss how the industry is treating us, and from time to time get a few things off my chest (have a rant), will be a positive step forward.

I'll do my best to make this an interesting and informative channel.

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