Dutching & In Play Betting

It's been a busy day and I'm feeling ready for bed, so this is a quick overview of results just for a couple of the betting systems at Exponential Bet. I'll cover the remainder tomorrow, along with the scheduled Betfair Trading update.

Let's start with the old boy Dutch Betting. Which in July is getting a makeover, refined to improve performance, make everything simpler to follow, with the selection process much faster and more efficient.

The current six bet type process will become two very powerful Dutch bets, one designed around everything good with the current selection criteria, the other a value bet returning at higher odds.

Today as an example, the Value Dutch returned a 62% profit. This bet has been consistently hitting these high odds, and the selection process is nothing new, it's something I've been working with successfully for another betting system for a long time.

Dutch betting

Dutch betting is a steady growth betting system, which will always be the foundation for this strategy. The update to the primary bet reducing it from six to one, is literally a case of moving with the changes to industry data, and freeing myself of the constraints of the original set up, while keeping everything good about the existing strategies.

The staking will move to a fixed percentage and use just one bank, which I've been reporting for some time.

Dutch betting in 2018 following this method returned 65 bets, with a 94% strike rate, and 23% total balance growth.

With the combined bet, and value Dutch returning at higher odds, I'm looking at a strong finish to the year. Setting up for an even bigger 2019 maintaining the balance growth and then not resetting the bank. With a large cash out in mind for December 2020. Ideally at the same time Bitcoin is set to land on the moon with the final coin being mined, but that's for another blog.

2018 Graph To The 9th June