Free World Cup In Play Trading Advice

The World Cup is nearly upon us and about to consume our lives for a month.

I'm posting live in-play trades during games that meet criteria for as many matches as possible, so hopefully I'll still have a relationship if the missus doesn't leave me for someone who hates football.

In preparation for the start of the new Premier league season these trades will showcase a service coming to the site covering in play football trading, which utilizes a genius piece of software I have exclusive access.

To demonstrate the potential of the software I'll be posting in-play on Twitter during the World Cup, and also in the run up with whatever games are applicable as I get used to using the platform.

You need a Twitter account, then follow me here:

During the World Cup matches keep an eye out for my alerts in-play, and you will never miss a trade.

From what I've seen so far this software is unique, and completely focused on extracting the value from a trade. You will get details of what games and markets to get involved with, along with what odds you're looking to either back or lay. It does also weight the trades in way that highlights the strength of the advice.

What better way to test this software and show its worth than posting free in-play trading advice. I'll be tracking the results on site, and adding clear instructions for how to act on the advice before I commence posting the trades, but as always if you've any questions get in touch and I'll get back to you asap, my email is

More details to follow soon.

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