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In Play Betting

Typically you either need cat like reactions to bet or trade in play, but with the help of a decent API you can get matched when the right betting parameters are met.

Betting in play is something with a lot of appeal, for one reason the volume of money flowing through a horse race is vast, so liquidity is not going to be an issue in the main. A proportion of this is of course betting bots, genuine traders, traders manipulating the market, and actual punters making up the volume of cash.

Another reason is, you can also achieve a good level of value if your bets are successful.

The downside for in play betting for most people is they work 9-5 Monday to Friday with no chance to get involved and profit, but I've been working on a solution for this, so virtually everyone can benefit from my new in play betting system.

  • You can place the bets the night before the racing, or early morning once they are published on Betfair. This requires no form reading, just a quick assessment of triggers that make a race applicable.

  • The bets can be monitored on the API remotely if you're in work on your phone/tablet, and once your daily target profit is met, the remaining bets cancelled quite literally in a matter of minutes. I've tested this extensively myself, and it even worked while I was abroad.

  • To make it even easier, the developer of the API software used to place the bets is adding a stop at a target amount feature in a future update, so we wont need to cancel the remaining bets remotely. This is in the pipeline.

Here is an overview of the in play betting system coming soon to Exponential Bet.

  • Circa 5% total balance growth approximately every ten days. Giving an expected 180% total balance growth over 12 months. This is based on my usage of this exact system over the past three months, hence why I'm releasing the prototype in June, and the official version in September.

  • Flat staking per bet.

  • Approx 1 to 6 races per day available to bet that qualify all week, although sometimes only 1 race is required.

  • Evens return per win and loss, but as it's exchange based commission needs to be deducted on the wins.

  • No loss recovery required.

  • An API is utilized for the system that fires the bets in to the exchange during each race.

  • The system comes with a downloadable strategy that automates the betting process. This means, for every applicable race a simple drop down is selected from the API, and that's it the bet is then set.

  • A remote access application is recommended with the system and will be covered in the getting started PDF & videos, although others are available. This gives access to your PC or Mac from anywhere on your phone/tablet etc, thus enabling remaining bets to be cancelled after targets are achieved each day. This maximizes profit.

  • Finding the suitable races using the API is without question the easiest selection process you will ever encounter. If I receive a lot of demand for my own selections I'll of course look to introduce this later on. Unlike the place & football bot system which at present requires approx 10 mins per day to locate and add the races (although I'm about to introduce dramatic streamlining to reduce the time it takes), for this in play system it takes just a couple of minutes, and it's all done on the same API screen which is much easier. It's also completely clear what races to choose, their is no ambiguity whatsoever.

An example if you'd started on the 17th May in play betting for 8 days.

in play betting

In play betting is coming soon, with the prototype available by mid June to a limited number of registered members.

If you haven't registered your interest already and had a reply from me confirming you're added to the early release list, and wish to receive early access at the promotional price, then send me an email to

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