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Hot or Not?

For those that don't know, the reason the blogs have been a little quiet recently is due to me going on holiday, then coming back feeling like death warmed up.

As promised here is a performance review of current services, plus an update on the imminent In Play and Value Dutch bet. This is a brief overview, with more details to follow about each individual system.

betting systems

Let's begin with Dutch betting which was going great guns until I went away, but now I'm back I've had a bumpy landing and need to bring about a swift resolution to the current losing spell.

Firstly the bad news, after a cracking start to the year the overall balance is now at just 10% growth following the advised staking, 18% using 5% per bet. For me personally quite disappointing numbers for this system, and although compared to a bank or most other investments still very good, but nowhere near were I intend to be finishing come December.

I'll avoid blaming bad luck for the recent couple of loses denting the bank, the horses that won obviously deserved to win, although they did so against the form. Today's losing bet came after a strong contender became a none runner earlier in the day, which really affected the dynamic of the race, especially as it was a Nicholls horse.

These things are frustrating after such a positive run of bets in quarter 1, but I'm confident the profits will begin seeing an upward turn, and especially looking at the second part of this year things will come good for those that persevere, as nobody achieved anything by giving up.

Now the good news, here comes the Value Dutch bet, and to be fair a simpler way of Dutching all round. The Value Dutch will be with us in June for all my subscribed members, and included at no extra cost.

You can expect circa 100% total balance increase for this bet over the first six months, which is a flat staking bet with no loss recovery. More info with recent results to be posted soon.

Dutch betting can be a testing process sometimes, and it's not for everyone as it can defy logic, but it's a long game and only for those who are able to take the rough with the smooth to achieve the rewards that follow.

This is steadily doing very well, and the staking system introduced at the start of this year is proving to be effective. Yes it's a slow growth system at just 7% for the pre match, and 2% for the in play, but if you take a look at the graphs for both pre match and in play on the Football Betting page, the strategy absorbs the loses calmly, and due to the consistently realistic strike rate pulls back and pushes ahead gradually.

Applying patience, sticking to the process, and keeping this system running with the same start bank over the next few years we will see a big return on our investment.

Place & Football Bet Bot Systems

I think firstly with both of these betting systems they have truly incredible potential, I look forward to scanning the day and getting the applicable bets on.

When it comes to balance growth, the initial 5% per month took a dip, but I think that was just a bedding in period and still achievable for the place bets again soon as that's not far off this figure currently, for the football more so when the Premier League returns later this year, as the World Cup can be more unpredictable.

With the next update cutting selection times down while increasing strike rate, plus my own bets added to the service, both the betting bot systems will improve significantly on current performance.

The guide is now due an update and I need to put in some time to trade the exchange pre race. I'll be posting a dedicated blog just covering pre race trading, so more to follow over the next week.

Presently though the balance is +260% after 33 allocated days trading.

In Play Betting

The in play method I've been working on is an absolute gem. I'm pleased to report I've worked out a way to run this method in the most effective way even for those who work 9 -5 and hoping to set and forget it, which I've previously reported isn't the most effective route to building the bank with this.

The system can be used to trade with in play or for betting as I currently use it. Today I had to leave my desk and was able to set it up before I left, which took no more than 5 minutes, and once I was ahead with my target profit achieved I could cancel my remaining bets with a few clicks on my phone taking a few minutes.

How I release this system is still something I'm deliberating, as in a guide or subscription service, or both, but without any hype required it's hitting amazing numbers which I'll share in a separate blog post after the weekend in the run up to launching this strategy.

I'll do my best to have a set date for this to be included, and as stated will add some more info on the numbers I'm achieving.

I need to update you all on some positive website changes, and additional social media I'm including in June, but now I'm over my holiday lurgy and feel more human I'll be blogging and posting more regularly again, so I'll keep that for another post.

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