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What When & How Part 2

Last night I gave a little more information about the forthcoming In Play and Value Dutch betting methods in part 1, which are due to be added to the site this quarter. I have a fair bit to go over with what's on the horizon for the end of this quarter and in to quarter 3.

new betting systems

Before I cover the other bet and trade methods listed yesterday, what will also be updated over May and June are updates for the Place and Football bot systems, the Betfair Trading Guide, which you can read my latest blog update showing recent results at +260% balance growth.

Also, the Dutch Betting Guide which I've been recording a lot of footage for the selection process and gradually editing this along with the PDF text to bring it all up to date. The Football betting subscription service has been steadily ticking over building the bank slowly but positively, take a look at the graphs which tell an interesting tale for those with a long term plan, and will be getting the magic sponge ready for the World Cup. This will also have a new strategy added ideally in June, which I'll begin today's update.

Correct Score Dutching - Summary

I actually began Dutching correct scores back in 2009 using a web based Dutch calc and the slowest laptop you can imagine, but had a good success rate. Over the past year I've been applying this in the more competitive games on my now super fast PC (spoiled when I think back to my old contraption), and finding both good value and consistent profits majority of the time.

I'll hopefully be adding this to the current Football subscription service in June / early July, so if you're a member of this service this is included at no extra cost. The sort of returns and growth predictions you can expect are circa evens per bet, with a couple of bets a week at least, ideally enough profit to double a bet bank over a typical football calendar year.

Another I'll be adding to the Football subscription service is:

In Play Match Odds Trading - Summary

This will come later in to quarter 3 as I've more tweaking to do with this, and also working with an unreleased APP still in development which will be released to the Android and Apple market place. I'm currently using this along with another sport it works very well with, and cross checking the results with my own data. Still very early days with the process of bringing this to the site, and with the European leagues winding down / imminent World Cup, this may be one to launch at the start of the next Premiere League season.

Profit predictions will be released nearer the time.

Basketball Trading - Summary

Another sport the APP in development focuses on is basketball, and shows consistently high returns. I'm putting in a shift with this during testing later this month, and it's a possibility this may be included before the end of June / early July.

This will be a subscription based service added to the site with my own advised trades sent during play, but will also be available as a stand alone once the APP is brought to market, with my instructions for how to utilize the software. How it's introduced is still to be confirmed, but one things for sure, it's very effective at finding regularly profitable basketball trades.

Place Market Multiples - Summary

The title of this is self explanatory, and I'd like to introduce this in quarter 3. I'm enjoying a lot of success creating the place multiples using Betfair sports book, which is my concern as this is the sort of success that can get an account limited on a typical betting site, so this will likely change to place singles to be placed on the exchange, or even place trading. More info to follow.

Downloadable Free Guides

It's easy to take a lot for granted when you've been betting and trading as long as I've been, such as the information stored in my noggin I'd expect to be freely available mostly on the net. For example information about betting bots, how to use API's, basic but effective football and horse racing trading techniques, Dutch betting principles, and so on.

exponential bet

What's apparent with the volume of questions I receive is in fact this information is not readily available, so I need to make my contribution and will create a series of free downloadable PDF's with videos to offer my advice on these topics and more besides.

In my next Exponential Bet update I'll be reviewing the performance of current bet and trade methods, and looking at imminent website changes along with what the benefit of this is to you.

One of which will be the inclusion of my own selections for trading, and the bot methods in a way that makes it easy for me to get you these bets and trades, and simple for you to act on the information.

A lot of the information on the site is still relatively new in the grand scheme of things, and will over the coming months become a lot more functional and interactive for both the downloadable guides and video tutorials, along with the subscription services. A lot of planning is going in to this to save time re adjusting things again later on, more haste less waste as they say, whoever they are.

The results for Dutching, Football betting, and Place and Football bot systems are currently up to date which you can check on their respective pages, but these will also be smartened up over this quarter to represent more at a glance useful stats, and increased depth of detail for the bot methods in particular.

The next update in this series will be later this month, circa the 20th May. If you've any questions, please email Thanks for reading.

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