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Betting Bots Do They Work?

The resounding answer to this question is yes absolutely, if applied correctly.

Since the launch of the Betfair betting bot strategies earlier this year, I've updated both the football and place market methods on the 23rd March.

The goal was to achieve steadier upward balance growth while protecting the bank further in the process. The latest update has given both methods exactly what's required to achieve this.

What's New in The Latest Update:

  • Both the place betting and football bot systems now have a simple but much more controlled and effective selection process, which takes typically 5 minutes a day to apply per method. 10 minutes on a busier day such as a weekend.

  • The bet bot parameters have now been broadened to accommodate more opportunities.

  • Staking and growing the bank is more positive, with a steeper upward growth curve now very achievable.

  • The total invested betting balance is now more protected than ever before.

  • Each method has a full video walk through over a two week period recorded by myself, showing the bets being located and then loaded in to the betting bot in a matter of minutes each day.

  • A clear demonstration in the video section of both methods in use over a two week period, giving a good account of wins, losses, and the overall predicted balance growth working toward it's target percentage.

  • The manual has also received the relevant information update to accompany the changes, and goes in more detail about the selection process with written and visual examples, also covering how I run the betting bot myself, which marries up to the video tutorials.

  • Added an initial set up video demonstrating how to add multiple betting strategies using Betsender, which gives a clear example of how to run both the place and football bot methods at the same time. Which you can find directly below.

Let Me Explain:

Before I elaborate more on the betting bot upgrade, my entire vision for all Exponential Bet products and subscription services is to provide robust betting and trading advice.

The end goal is take a smaller amount and increase this exponentially over time, treating each method applied to grow the pot as a potential investment opportunity. Protecting the bank is of paramount importance, so a long term view is required by all who decide to follow my bet and trade methods, given we're looking to successfully apply a template to the days sporting events to extract a consistently flowing upward growth of our total Betfair balance.

Nobody ever achieved anything by quitting, and bookmakers know this which they exploit expertly, so for those in the know who take a broader view to betting and trading on sports, the reward is steady growth towards a much bigger goal in the long run.

This is the core ethos of Exponential Bet and company mission statement. I want both members and myself to enjoy the process of building the bank, while actively understanding what's involved fully to give a greater involvement and confidence in the product or service being used.

The betting bot systems are something I look forward to each day, checking on the progress as I work, and seeing the balance grow steadily. This is one of the highlights of my daily routine.

betfair bot strategies

Weirdly enough getting to see the recovery process handle losses with ease is very satisfying. During the entire two week run through you will see in the members videos the biggest liability point was circa 1% draw down.

This being stated it's about making money and not being right, and the methods are set up to handle a lot more, with the max loss to recover parameters set at safe levels, with the recoup process set to safely bring the balance back to profit.

I genuinely enjoy running these two methods, the selection process is a breeze, the bet volume more manageable/easier to assess, and more importantly the balance growth is moving the right way at the right pace.

Covering The Basics:

The balance growth albeit set at circa 5% for each strategy a month, it's an exponential 5% increase running a more aggressive growth plan than it was previously set up. With a vast amount of liquidity in the market to accommodate more activity for both.

The football market is of course the most liquid, but given the selections added for the place market are the strongest in their chosen races, it's going to be a long time before we all have an issue getting matched on these bets, and with contingency options in place leading up to that point should it happen. Before we get to this, I'll have pulled these systems from sale to ensure no one who's bought and utilize these methods are affected.

Ratcheted staking which creates the exponential growth for the bot systems is now more proactive, increasing the percentage stake amount at every available opportunity in line with the balance growth. That said, it's actually safer than before with the balance receiving more cover with the controlled selection method.

Since I've added the last update the profit and loss has without doubt became more stable, with any losses recouped in a steady run of bets, not seeing the highs and lows that came with the first version of both bot systems.

This is the reason the percentage growth during January and February spiked during the early stages, which was initially encouraging, but then made me pause to consider the vision of the strategies being compromised. That prompted this final update introduction to tighten the growth rate, and as stated protect the bank through more control.

Now we're looking at steadying out around 5%, but as stated with a much more invested staking approach.

The selection process is stunningly simple, but selective instead of scatter gun with a combined broadening of the bet bot parameters, which have without doubt improved the long term growth proposition for both strategies.

football betting bot

Compared to the previous versions which sometimes hit huge highs, or unwanted dips, then requiring a long recovery period over a series of days.

The list of bets being loaded in to the bet bots now make it clearly visibly what the potential is before we hit start betting and let the bot run.

This gives a greater level of control to start with, and understanding of what's achievable. Which as a result rewards for following the structured selection process with a steady balance growth, and with any losses typically recovered on the same day to end in profit. If not, over a day or two with no steep draw down concerns. It's managed a lot slicker, and even the worst possible outcomes now brought within realistic recouping levels.

Typically any carried loss can actually now be wiped each day, as the methods do show a profit at the same time as carrying a loss, which means the option to reset this, begin with a clean slate and push on is presented very often.

The bottom line with both these bot systems in their current format, is that they run in a way that makes it effortless with increased confidence in your expected returns against betting investment.

They come with a two week video walk through for both the football and place market, demonstrating the quick selection process in action.

You can watch me going through each day as I locate the bets in a matter of minutes, load them in to the bot, click start betting, and then leave both betting instances for each method to run all day in the background. Then at the start of each new day summarizing progress, and pushing on.

The manuals for both place and football bet bot systems that accompany the video guides have also been upgraded, and give written explanations with visual examples of the process, while explaining how I run them, operate my staking etc.

Everything I release at Exponential Bet has a long term goal before it effectively hits the shelves, and for these bet bot methods I'm now 100% satisfied they are what they originally set out to be.

All members that jumped in at launch price and since then have been kept up to date with updates along the way, as all upgrades to my guides are included in the one off purchase price.

Whenever I add another version of the same bet or trade method in that category, it's just sent to every client with a new unique login to access the download at no additional cost.

This current version is now complete, although I may tweak the content in the manuals as part of housekeeping to tidy things, not affecting the selection process. Any more place market bet bot methods, or football methods using the bet bots will as stated not be chargeable.

I will be adding more to these methods to run alongside the existing instances, but the current versions of both bot systems are set up to hit the ground running for all who use them, and if applied as instructed should make circa 5% exponential growth for each per month.

All you need to get started is in both the manuals and video walk through, but around mid April I will add a bolt on for those who wish to have my own selections emailed each day, which can then be loaded in to the bot in a matter of seconds. More to come on this, but for now if you're looking for a set and forget method to grow your bet bank at a rate of 5% per month effectively on auto pilot, both the football and place market betting bots are set up to achieve this.

Over the long term this will without question be a major contributor to my investment plans, and get me closer to that early retirement target.

Both bot systems are available at a greatly reduced price for a duel purchase, you can find out more on their respective pages below or drop me an email to

If you've any questions let me know and I'll get back to you asap.

Best Regards


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