Betting Bots Do They Work?

The resounding answer to this question is yes absolutely, if applied correctly.

Since the launch of the Betfair betting bot strategies earlier this year, I've updated both the football and place market methods on the 23rd March.

The goal was to achieve steadier upward balance growth while protecting the bank further in the process. The latest update has given both methods exactly what's required to achieve this.

What's New in The Latest Update:

  • Both the place betting and football bot systems now have a simple but much more controlled and effective selection process, which takes typically 5 minutes a day to apply per method. 10 minutes on a busier day such as a weekend.

  • The bet bot parameters have now been broadened to accommodate more opportunities.

  • Staking and growing the bank is more positive, with a steeper upward growth curve now very achievable.

  • The total invested betting balance is now more protected than ever before.

  • Each method has a full video walk through over a two week period recorded by myself, showing the bets being located and then loaded in to the betting bot in a matter of minutes each day.

  • A clear demonstration in the video section of both methods in use over a two week period, giving a good account of wins, losses, and the overall predicted balance growth working toward it's target percentage.

  • The manual has also received the relevant information update to accompany the changes, and goes in more detail about the selection process with written and visual examples, also covering how I run the betting bot myself, which marries up to the video tutorials.

  • Added an initial set up video demonstrating how to add multiple betting strategies using Betsender, which gives a clear example of how to run both the place and football bot methods at the same time. Which you can find directly below.

Let Me Explain:

Before I elaborate more on the betting bot upgrade, my entire vision for all Exponential Bet products and subscription services is to provide robust betting and trading advice.

The end goal is take a smaller amount and increase this exponentially over time, treating each method applied to grow the pot as a potential investment opportunity. Protecting the bank is of paramount importance, so a long term view is required by all who decide to follow my bet and trade methods, given we're looking to successfully apply a template to the days sporting events to extract a consistently flowing upward growth of our total Betfair balance.

Nobody ever achieved anything by quitting, and bookmakers know this which they exploit expertly, so for those in the know who take a broader view to betting and trading on sports, the reward is steady growth towards a much bigger goal in the long run.

This is the core ethos of Exponential Bet and company mission statement. I want both members and myself to enjoy the process of building the bank, while actively understanding what's involved fully to give a greater involvement and confidence in the product or service being used.