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On My Soapbox!


Anyone involved in horses racing will have been affected in some way by the horrific recent weather conditions.

You don't need me to go on about how bad it was, and how it's resulted in missing some very nice betting and trading opportunities, but it did truly mess with my schedule.

cheltenham festival

I was at my desk each day trying to work with what was on offer, when all meetings were not abandoned that is, and coming up blank due to high volumes of none runners, meetings being pulled at the last minute, an overall lack of quality with what was left on offer, then stuck with the fall out as the track conditions recover. You no doubt know this already from looking at the card daily in shared disappointment.

On top of this, seeing as though I'm having a good ole moan, pre any major event in horse racing such as the upcoming Cheltenham Festival, the quality is negligible. As the main focus is obviously on the big event, but as this came after such a blank period due to the weather, the timing has been unfortunate to say the least!

Time truly wasted that I'd have put in to increasing my bet and trade balances for members, adding more content to my guides, and improving services, etc etc etc... I haven't been sat on my laurels mind you, busy creating and planning how to make Exponential Bet even better, but I'd rather have spent time building the balances along side the creative process that goes with the territory.

Anyway rant over, looking back at the extreme weather in our rear view mirror, and ahead to a busier period for both bet and trade services.

exponential bet

Dutch betting resumed on the 7th March, and after a couple of winning Super Dutch bets 2018 has continued in great form, with 38 Dutch bets and a 100% strike rate maintained with another 14% win today!

The next Betfair Trading Guide V3 upgrade is due on the 19th March, which will add to the video archive, also with more content in to the manual. I'll be taking advantage of the quality racing ahead to apply both currently active trading methods. Plus more to come for the blog next week, with the £100 to £1000 challenge resuming.

Football betting has been through an average period in Feb and early March, but still holding its own with the balance well protected, it's a marathon not a sprint. I still predict circa 50% to 100% balance growth come December 2018 for this strategy.

The Bet Bot systems for Place betting and Football bets are also receiving a final update on the current application this month. After this I'll be adding new bot strategies to run alongside, which are included in the one off price for these systems. This closing addition to the current selection process is the icing on the cake, and will improve the volume of betting opportunities each day, along with win rate, giving a stronger line of upward growth.

I've been recording videos showing my activity selecting the bot bets each day for both football and place markets, growing the balance to published percentage growth rates demonstrating the process. This will be included in the next manual update for bet bot members, providing the best example of what's achievable, and how to add the bets to the betting bot within a matter of minutes daily.

The extra video content for the bots and manual upgrade is enough to demonstrate how to locate the bets, and get them entered in to the bet bot, but understandably I have a percentage of members who like to follow my exact advised bets, so I'll be adding this feature as an extra bolt on with more info on this to follow shortly.

While on the subject of bolt on's, anyone who's bought the Betfair Trading Guide will have an instant discount to the new in-play trading method to be added to the site, ideally at the end of the month/early next. The in-play strategy will also be available as a stand alone product, and will be fairly priced for both existing and new members.

I'm presently working on a way to automate this in-play trading system using Fairbot, so please bear with me as it's an absolute gem of a trade method. I'll be publishing some results for this ahead of release, which considering the returns are circa evens each win, and the strike rate at approximately 70% over a period of 3 months, this will make it appealing for a lot of members old and new.

If you're interested in being put on an early release version of the in-play strategy, receiving a discount during this period, drop me an email to using this link.

Finally, you may have noticed the Dutch Betting Guide promotions recently, in line with the upcoming Cheltenham Festival, plus the fact my Dutch bets have been active and showing an impressive profit on site for over a year.

I've reduced the Dutch Guide price by 33%, and included 3 months subscription to the advised bet service. This is available until the end of March, after which time the guide will return to normal price without the 3 months subscription included.

Not only this, the next Dutch Guide update will have a step by step video archive for each Dutch betting strategy included, with Super Dutch and Major Event Dutching added.

As always with my guides and manuals, this is included in the one off purchase price, so if you're looking to learn how to profit long term from Dutching betting, March is a great time to take advantage of this offer.

We're a third of the way in to the month, with the bad weather behind us, and have the most exciting event in horse racing just around the corner. What a great time to be alive and to profit from betting and trading!

If you're new to my site and interested in any of my products or subscription services, visit for more info, or drop me an email directly with any questions to

You can also view some reviews from members posted directly to Google if you search for Exponential Bet.

Best Regards


PS Cryptocurrency updates to follow soon. I've been crazy busy with everything else, but I began mining ETN recently which I need to post more info about this, and also looking at the current Crypto market in general. I've got plenty to cover here, and just wanted to put it out there that this is an area I'll be expanding on in a lot more detail this year, and stand by everything I've posted so far, as I take a wide long term view. To be continued....

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