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Cheltenham 2018 Dutch Betting

Cheltenham is the horse racing event of the year in my opinion. I'll be covering the festival in depth with my Dutch bets, so members who receive my advised bets will have a Major Event Dutch each day.

cheltenham 2018

For the other meetings running along side Cheltenham normal service is maintained for Dutch 1 -4 and Super Dutch bets.

The results so far in 2018 for my Dutch betting systems speak for themselves, with 37 bets and a 100% strike rate!

I will be adding the selection process to the Dutch Betting Guide for Major Events, along with the Super Dutch later this month.

Not only this, but the Dutch Betting Guide is due an update in the video section with a step by step walk through demonstrating how I locate the races and bets. The guide is a one off purchase, so all future updates are included.

To celebrate the timing of Cheltenham Festival coinciding with a year of profitable Dutch betting at Exponential Bet, I've reduced the price of the Dutch Betting Guide by 33% until the end of March, and included a full 3 months of my advised Dutch bets with this offer.

If you're looking to give yourself the edge at Cheltenham 2018, and fancy learning how to Dutch bet, which in my opinion is one of the soundest investments you can make in your betting future, then pick up the Dutch Betting Guide now while it's available for a limited time at just £99.99 including 3 months advised bets.

There has never been a better time to learn how to profit long term from Dutching!

If you've any questions drop me an email, and I'll get back to you asap.



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