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Dutch Like You Mean It!

I treat my betting like investing, with the prime method utilized being Dutching. The Google definition of Dutching is:

'A betting system used to cover several contenders in an event, making sure each and every one of those bets guarantees the same profit, while eliminating major underdogs. This ensures the same profit regardless of which bet wins, obviously provided one of the backed contenders do win the event'.

This in a nutshell explains Dutch betting pretty well and the logic behind it. The screenshot below gives an example of what a Dutch bet looks like. Incidentally, Van Gerwen won this race making it a profitable Dutch bet.

Seven horses backed at varying odds to give a level profit, and if one our selected horses goes on to win, we return a profit of approx £28.00, minus Betfair commission. Basically, 28% profit from your total stake.

The software used in this screenshot is Fairbot, comes with it's own Dutching facility, which is something I find very useful to calculate my Dutch bets.

horse racing tips

My current Dutch betting systems vary from the very cautious Dutch 1, which has a 99% strike rate, 8 months published betting history, and 617% balance growth. To the more aggressive Dutch 3, which has a higher yield, but comes with more exposure.

Dutch 1 system relies heavily on the high strike rate and cautious approach to keep increasing the overall balance, as does Dutch 2.

At the time of posting this blog Dutch 3 has a 100% strike rate after 35 bets. An average odds return of 41% per bet, and total balance growth at 296%, within 2 published months of betting.

exponential growth

This shows that with a clever selection process and using Dutch betting, you're able to really grow a betting balance steadily. When we inevitably hit a losing bet, Dutch 3 has demonstrated a loss can be quickly recovered without the need of a loss recovery plan, just by diligently sticking to the betting system.

With this kind of growth rate, things can become very exciting quickly!

All bets for my Dutch betting systems operate on the Betfair exchange, and use the BSP Multiple option. So, we're never going to be banned for winning, and can utilize the benefits of Dutch betting using the BSP Multiple facility.

For example, the bet is managed for us in the event of a none runner, and we also get a BSP return, which mostly works in our favor.

Here is an example of a Dutch bet placed using the Betfair BSP Multiples section. You can see two races are selected, which in turn creates the option to place the Dutch as a double. Horses are simply ticked to be included in the bet, and Betfair calculates the stake per horse when the race starts.

BSP multiples

This enables you to choose anything from one to eight races in a multiple bet, and place the bet as a multiple, or just one race as a single, utilizing the facility in the BSP multiples section to place your Dutch.

Following my Dutch betting systems can be done using BSP Multiples, directly placing the bets on the exchange, using an online calculator to calculate stakes, or an API tool such as Fairbot

I now operate a subscription service for my Dutch betting systems, this includes all three Dutch bets sent to subscribers via email, covering six days a week where bets are applicable. You can find out more from the Betting System section on the home page, and view the latest Results.

The complete guide is also available to purchase, which gives you all the information you need to find the Dutch bets yourself. Everything is covered in the guide, and updated regularly for anyone purchasing this step by step manual.

Next month I'm adding an additional Dutch strategy, which initially will only be available to monthly subscribers. A much more aggressive approach to Dutching, instead of going for the low hanging fruit as with the other strategies, this is looking for the days best Dutching options from the top 1 to 5 horses in a race, ideally the top two.

A snapshot of the forthcoming Dutch 4 results:

horse racing bets

You can see from the bet slips the higher returns achieved using this selection process, these are also placed as singles per race. This system does come with more risk and lower strike rate, but overall the strategy when ready for release will operate a re structured staking plan, and account for the lower win rate.

betting tips

The plan for Dutch 4 is to add a more exciting element to the Dutch systems, but not a reckless abandonment of the ethos and discipline that's the backbone of any steady growth betting system.

Dutch 4 will have more swings of wins and losses, but the selection process for this bet has been worked on for months and back tested, with the exponential growth element factored in, this is set to be a long term investment plan, but with accelerated potential in comparison to Dutch 1 to 3.

I was planning to wrap it up with Dutch 4, but through working with these bets each day it's impossible not to spot even more opportunities. Dutch 5 may in fact complete the set, and sits somewhere between Dutch 3 and Dutch 4 with growth potential.

It does however have a very positive selection process, which means a bet will be available most days, as will be the case with Dutch 4, and is another reason to be excited at the potential for faster overall balance growth. This will also be available and included in the subscription service, along with Dutch 1, 2, 3, & 4.

Giving members multiple streams of income to grow betting investments.

I hope this gives you a brief insight in to the power of Dutch betting, and how it can add to your armoury of daily betting systems. Also, a snapshot of what I'm presently achieving with Dutching, and what's in the pipeline.

Any questions, please email me at, or visit the FAQ on the home page, as I update this regularly.

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