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What is Exponential Betting?

exponential betting

My definition of exponential betting is to increase your overall betting balance, by following a strategy that inevitably increases the amount rapidly.

It gives me personal satisfaction to grow a smaller amount of money in to a much larger amount, but in a way that doesn't involve betting anywhere near the target amount on a huge risk for low returns. Instead using percentage stakes, incrementally increasing naturally over time, and in line with the overall invested amount for the betting system itself.

My own experience with property investments, trading cryptocurrency, and working closely with Betfair since 2009 on a variety of projects, has given me a solid grounding to understand what's required to successfully grow an investment and exploit the betting markets.

The bet exchange itself is directly modeled on the stock market, and as such the flow of money similar to the way the price of stocks rise and fall. This really intrigued me when I first encountered it, and I became a tad obsessed with Betfair.

My personal goal to incorporate an exponential betting approach to my betting or trading systems, is a combination of my work history, when seeing how large profits are gained from an initial smaller investment simply by having a longer term goal and strategy. Watching an investment or betting balance sky rocket, is literally a thing of beauty, and something I want to share on this site with all my clients. This is my true motivation for launching this website. If I can help enough people experience this feeling, and have the rewards that follow, then I will feel a sense of pride which in itself is priceless.

A specific mentality is required to be able to create a hedge fund approach to your gambling or trading, which if adopted can create success when trying to build your bank to become much more than initial deposit. A disciplined approach is very much the key to growing your betting bank steadily, and a little knowledge of course.

With a wealth of information and advice out there from successful investors, I urge anyone to conduct as much due diligence as possible. It can never hurt to be as educated as you can be, and to become an expert on a subject that can improve your life. Especially when you're looking to apply your time to something as serious as, actually using your hard earned cash to invest into yourself, and your future.

Money definitely can't make you happy on its own, but the free time it allows you to have to pursue your own passions in life, this is what brings the happiness. I'm not 100% there yet, but I'm heading in the right direction for sure, and happy to take anyone who joins my site along for the ride.

For me, betting, trading, investing, and looking for new ways to add to my income streams are part of my daily routine, and it's only when I began to adopt this attitude that things began changing for the better.

I had to convince myself that investing this time and effort in to something I was seeing very little return on initially, was actually something that in the long stretch would be worth it. With as many highs as their have been lows, with my friends and family both supportive, and at times naturally concerned for my well being, I eventually began to see the results that lit the spark, and opened the flood gates for successfully growing my investments.

It's been a turbulent ride to get my ducks in a row. The aim of this website is to take that sting out of the process for my clients, you can learn from mistakes I made, without having to make them yourself.

Anybody who tells you they have never lost a bet or trade, in my humble opinion isn't being truthful. I can hand on heart tell you I made a ton or errors during my training phase, but as you can see from my published results, I've come a long way, and I encourage you to start taking your betting seriously, as it can change your life for the better if applied correctly, and exponentially of course.

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