The Future of Betting Services

In this Expo News I cover the future for betting and trading services, and how I see these progressing sooner than you think.

Most betting advice websites send emails each day to members, have a login area, or even software to download and place the bets using automation? This predominantly is how the bulk of the market operate, including myself.

Before I get to how I see betting and trading services developing, let me cover how things are right now and the shortfalls of the existing set up.

Sending emails in my opinion is becoming rapidly old fashioned. With people from all corners of the globe within different time zones unable to use the betting advice without staying up all night. For example, if I send an email at 2pm before the racing starts, this is early hours in Australia, and I have a lot of Aussie members.

Then we've problems delivering emails from time to time with various email client errors, they are known for throwing a wobbler. Then I receive emails from members stating they haven't received the daily bet, when it's actually been sent. Very annoying for members, and time consuming at my end having to work around this and get the info across in time.

You can add to this a long list of other limitations restricting the quality of content. With emails sent at specific times this has obvious shortfalls applying.

The very best pro traders and bettors all understand the best assessment of a race or football match comes closer to the start, and ideally even in play / running. With emails being sent at specific times this isn't ideal, it's restricting, outdated, and a clunky solution for any betting advice service including my own.

Downloading software to run your bets or trades either with a PC or VPS is a lot more cutting edge, and removes the need for daily emails once set up, but in the very near future will look like a type writer compared to a laptop.

the future of betting

The immediate issue is the software needs to be downloade