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The Future of Betting Services

In this Expo News I cover the future for betting and trading services, and how I see these progressing sooner than you think.

Most betting advice websites send emails each day to members, have a login area, or even software to download and place the bets using automation? This predominantly is how the bulk of the market operate, including myself.

Before I get to how I see betting and trading services developing, let me cover how things are right now and the shortfalls of the existing set up.

Sending emails in my opinion is becoming rapidly old fashioned. With people from all corners of the globe within different time zones unable to use the betting advice without staying up all night. For example, if I send an email at 2pm before the racing starts, this is early hours in Australia, and I have a lot of Aussie members.

Then we've problems delivering emails from time to time with various email client errors, they are known for throwing a wobbler. Then I receive emails from members stating they haven't received the daily bet, when it's actually been sent. Very annoying for members, and time consuming at my end having to work around this and get the info across in time.

You can add to this a long list of other limitations restricting the quality of content. With emails sent at specific times this has obvious shortfalls applying.

The very best pro traders and bettors all understand the best assessment of a race or football match comes closer to the start, and ideally even in play / running. With emails being sent at specific times this isn't ideal, it's restricting, outdated, and a clunky solution for any betting advice service including my own.

Downloading software to run your bets or trades either with a PC or VPS is a lot more cutting edge, and removes the need for daily emails once set up, but in the very near future will look like a type writer compared to a laptop.

the future of betting

The immediate issue is the software needs to be downloaded to start with and installed by the user correctly, which in most instances is fine, but then it has to compatible with a variety of different set ups, within different countries, time zones, international Betfair API rules apply, and once downloaded and installed by the end user it has to operated correctly on a stable platform.

A lot of this is then out of the control of the provider, and in most cases detracts from the service itself ironing out user creases.

It's also restricted to different operating systems, and very rarely do you get the same package running on both a Mac and PC.

Which immediately limits the audience available to use the software. It provides a positive solution for the majority of people this is a fact, but it's not a one size fits all option ticking every box, albeit a step in the right direction.

From launching Expo Bot V1 these have been some of the challenges we've faced and overcome, so this is written from first hand experience.

The software does provide automated betting for members with the currently available two early access systems running according to set parameters.

Which is amazing this can be set up like this and assess specific race criteria, only firing the bets to the exchange when parameters have been met.

Expo Bot V1 has been developed by Guy Thomas. He originally started out as a member of the site, but approached me to recreate the In Play Beta system using fully automated branded software, and it just went from there.

Now we have both Auto Dutch Beta and In Play Beta running using Expo Bot V1, with full end to end automation. The betting software comes pre installed with these two systems, no add ons or extra plug ins required, just as long as you own the strategy and subscribe to the bot, it will be available by default from install. Running withing two cleverly set up modules capable of customization.

You can find out more info about Expo Bot V1 and the systems it runs here:

Expo Bot V1 is huge step forward, but just the first towards a far greater goal and service we want to provide for members.

I mentioned having a login area for people to access information, which is also useful and good for providing instruction manuals with video tutorials. Actually providing a login area to post betting or trading advice leaves this wide open for copy cats though.

This also creates more admin work to distract the content provider running the service, ensuring members accessing the information have permission to do so, which I have first hand experience, along with a host of other short falls, the list really goes on and on.

From someone who recently released bespoke automated betting software, and does send email advice each day to my members, also providing login areas with secure instruction based content, you can safely assume I know a thing or two about this subject.

Which surely begs the question, why would I make these statements, as I'd be criticizing my own service...

You'd be correct I am criticizing the format of the set up, not the content. However, with an improved set up for the delivery the content can actually be a 100% better, the entire user experience smoother, reaching more people without compromise in any area.

In fact saving time, money, providing a better service, and removing all of the above downsides listed.

Maybe you're thinking what the hell am I rattling on about, how could it be different, surely you need software installed on your PC or VPS, and for bets to be ran outside of this they would need to be emailed.

Well actually this isn't the case as their is another way, a much smarter route, and it provides multiple benefits as well as eradicating the convoluted processes listed above.

I have to careful what information I divulge here for the obvious reasons, as I've a large readership and some of whom work for my corporate or small time competitors. I want to go in to a lot more detail about what's actually possible, but for now I'll wait until I'm closer to delivery.

Let me paint some broad stokes based on how things run at this moment, and give you some idea of what I mean.

Starting with an email based service such as Dutch betting, place betting, or in play trading advice, as I send emails each day for these systems

I will manually scan through the race card each morning looking through my selection criteria, which I do up until midday, and then send my advice by email to subscribed members all around the world.

From this point on the bets or trades are out there and out of my hands.

If the market changes due to a multitude of factors, such as pivotal none runners, a steamer in the market, jockey change, loose horse on the way to post, a horse playing up at the start, or even track side info affecting the race in the 10 minute run up to post, at present I cannot intervene with the bets posted to members as people will have put money down.

In a lot of cases members are either at work, or if in another country sometimes the bets are placed before going to bed.

What if instead of sending the email at midday I was able to place the bets or trades from my end into your betting software, which I'd do at the right moment pre race.

This would give me control of all the outside factors, while still providing full automation for you the member.

Also imagine you've not even installed the software, and it doesn't matter if you've a PC or Mac, in fact you don't even need a VPS to access your bot.


How about this scenario using my trading strategy as an example. I presently create a guide which you purchase, download, learn to follow my steps, ask a bunch of questions to get started, go through a learning curve, and even download software to run the system using some level of automation.

Instead of this you login to your software, and I trade for you with whatever funds you've allocated to the bank. I will be using my own amounts, but yours will be set to whatever percentage stake your added to the bot.

I don't access your information, this is all locked away, I just place the trades at the correct moment, and whatever staking you've set up the system responds to this.

I still create some training material to demonstrate the process, but you're hands on learning within a live environment what I'm teaching you, and your able to see the trades actively being placed.

This opens up a world of opportunity for me as I can still automate the trading process, but the timing of the trades based on market activity as detailed in the above Dutching example gives me additional control.

It would open up more scope to either intervene, generate more profit, or minimize losses. In comparison to just leaving it to run come what may using full automation. Automated processes will still exist within this, but on different levels along side the ability for me to act on market information for every single member logged in to the system.

I'm a huge fan of automation, and everything I presently create and run manually I do so from a future stance of applying automation to the process. For the obvious reason, if I can automate it I free up time for other things.

What I don't want for myself is to create more work placing your bets and trades for you, I've no interest in creating a job for myself. What I'm explaining is totally different, it's placing your bets and trades as I actually place my own.

Mind boggling isn't it...

One more example would be the Automated Football System I run, which last year went over target returning 21.5% profit. This is a nice steady earner with minimal fuss, but at this moment requires an additional third party betting bot, and about 5 - 10 mins of your time each day to add the bets.

Whenever I add my own bets yours would be added too with the set up described above, ie no need for any other software installed on your PC or a VPS, with your bets placed according to your staking.

This is a true automated experience for my members, I'm not creating anymore work for myself as I do this anyway, any you're saving on time, money, and resources at your end not needing any more software to run on your computer or a VPS subscription. Plus let's not forget, this runs on a Mac or PC with no VPS required, which opens the services up to a much wider market of people who presently have no way to get involved.

I know what you're thinking, what witch craft is this I speak of... Haha..

During my time running Exponential Bet I'll provide betting and trading strategies that make money over the long term. My personal aim is to make enough to retire in the next few years with my partner, but a primary motivator is to push the boundaries of what's possible within this sector. I'd like to leave some legacy behind for my work, and not just slip away and disappear down the cracks of time.

I work and associate with talented people, so during my time within this role I want to contribute in redefining the norm, and raising the industry standard.

Quite a statement I know, but it's my own personal target and one I'm confident I'll be able to deliver.

I've made positive steps with automated betting and trading, and done more than most in a relatively short period of time contributing to this niche market.

However, what's missing in my humble opinion is the live element, the edge that comes with having the ability to make decisions quickly when racing or football is being observed.

The most successful bettors or traders don't always use pre race or match data, they work with what's in front of them at that moment to make decisions. This is the element that's missing with having everything set and forget from a pre set template point of view.

The template set up works over time to produce results, and it's another string to the bow in the betting portfolio. I'm not looking to upset the apple cart, but fit a Tesla powered motor to the apple cart instead.

From a view of having it set up for you so you can leave it to run unattended, this is in fact the future of betting and trading services.

As I see it the robots need either some humanization, or very well educated AI to step in at specific points and enhance gains or limit losses. Which is also a future development we will see a lot more over the years.

The most immediate step I can make within the currently programmed strategies, is to assess the available data and make the selection process more tailored around the seasonal factors, which I'm presently working on for In Play Beta and Auto Dutch Beta.

This will come over the next few weeks, and ideally give these systems a more intelligent pattern. The scenario I pain above which removes emails, minimizes login areas, and eradicates the need for downloaded software providing a Mac and PC friendly solution, this is also being worked on.

No set ETA for the future of betting and trading, as you can imagine this is uncharted territory, but I wanted to give you an insight in to what's coming next.

The rate of improvement and growth with this site is a lot more than just getting new members, it's about making what we have work much better, and then continually building on this.

It's no secret Exponential Bet is my own work and not a team of writers, not owned by a corporate giant, and each strategy my creation that I personally run every applicable day.

I don't hire anyone to run or develop these systems, and don't have a marketing department, or external IT support as I built and manage the site myself.

All the membership services, new system development, and site management, I juggling each role within the business, and spin a lot of plates. Which makes me sound like I should work in the circus.

I've restructured my schedule to give more time for development of the site, and to work on the services. If I'm going to bring you the future of betting, I can't do so if I'm feeling burned out.

It's vital for me to provide members with the best advice, so I need to have time during the day to work. With this in mind I've listened to family, friends, my partner, and even kind members advising me to work a five day week instead of six, which starts with immediate effect.

You can read more about how to manage your own time better, get some advice from a trusted guide I recommend, and view my new work schedule here:

I'll be sticking to this routine excluding any emergency emails required of course. Please don't think I'm being rude taking longer to reply, and I always get back to everyone within my working week. I simply need to return my attention as much as possible to product and site development, which in turn benefits everyone subscribed to my services.

I'm also working with exciting new partners whom I'll introduce in the next post, and applying their proven platforms to bet and trade covering football and horse racing. I'll review these services in detail, which will lead to my new You Tube channel starting I mentioned months ago.

In my next post I'll go into more detail about these services, and also cover my recommended tools of the trade.

If you've any questions at all get in touch, and I'll come back to you asap.

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