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Results & News Update 18th April

Results are now updated for each automated betting service showing all the wins and the losses in detail for the past week included from the 01.06.20 to 18.04.21.

You can examine all the stats and graphs showing ups and downs over this betting period for each service via Betting Strategies, this is located from the main menu at Exponential Bet.

The strategies that finished in profit this week include Sure Favs Foundation both straight betting and target profit. Racing Lays High fixed stake and liability. Racing Lays +5 Stop MTP option for both fixed stake and liability.

Lay Dutch Main & High for both fixed stake and liability both did well. Bet Advantage High, and low also made a profit, and in fact all the services that made a profit either betting a point or fixed stake made approx +5 points each. The best performer of the week though was Bet Advantage Medium with +13 points profit.

The strategies that finished in the minus were Sure Favs Main and High slightly dropped some points, along with Racing Lays +5 Stop BSP fixed stake. Racing Lays Main also lost some money, but the worst performer of the week was Bet Focus straight betting with -16 points. However, if you're following target profit betting with Bet Focus you dropped just under a point.

In Other News...

I published a video covering lay betting in play earlier this week using the Bet Mover software.

I've more videos to include for backing, I did attempt with minimal success trading in play and need to revisit this over the coming couple of weeks with an adjusted plan of action, and also attempted a couple of difference methods in play, again with varied success. I'll have these videos added later next week and also aim to include some USA racing.

The Place Betting automation is still on track, but Nigel has been lagging behind with his workload so I've nothing to show this week, but next week I can promise to have full details to share along with details of how to access the new service.

All One Subscription members will have this included as part of your one plan.

I'd expect to have the new in play content showing my most recent betting activity online by next weekend, and the place betting details definitely before the end of next week, as soon as possible really once Nige catches up, but apparently I'm top of his list now.

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