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Result Update 20th June

The results are now updated for the Automated Betting Strategies to include last weeks betting.

This covers the Ratchet, Weekly Overview, and Detailed Overview figures for each service.

You can view these by selecting Automated Strategies from the main menu at Exponential Bet, then from the drop down choose the service you wish to examine in more detail.

The direct page links are below:

In my opinion the ratchet figures are the most interesting incorporating last weeks figures in, and the detailed overview stats.

No real movement with the overall investment to report anything of interest in all honesty over the past seven days, but the ratchet figures are a bit more lively for obvious reasons showing the entire month, and detailed overview for some of the services are really painting an encouraging picture for profitable years to come.

A few of the strategies last week that made money could have ended the seven day period a lot higher, Place Lay Single in particular, but of course Royal Ascot had its impact on the betting week.

As stated last week from a long term perspective these major events are factored into the algorithm and treated just like any other race type.

They all balance out in the end, and some will produce freak results positive and negative, but over the years it will be much of a muchness.

All the automation and in play betting I have scheduled, combined with the do it yourself guides that are in the pipeline, these are real betting products and services that are backed up with live bet data.

The work that's gone in to produce these products for members has been extensive by Nigel and myself. I'm genuinely proud of what we've done as it's only ever been about creating long term betting investments for members, and two years on we're able to show the fruits of our labour with a wealth of data to back it up.

It's one of those things that has to just show itself over time, which of course is obvious with the nature of the service.

I'm not selling a physical item, these are betting services that I put to you as investments. From the start I had absolute faith in the products, but without the actual live records it could be considered as someone selling á oil.

Thank the almighty those days are behind us with the results to back up what we were explaining when it all began, because like any start up you need vision and to convince people you are worth listening too.

The longer the strategies operate and gather result data, the more evidence I have to show they are worthwhile investments for you to spend your hard earned money on.

For the past two years the automated services have been betting live and the results shown are how they have performed.

These are not predictions or back fitted, it's betting as it's occurred using the filters within the individual strategies.

Two years from now looking back I would expect the points tallies to be somewhere double what they are today, in fact I'd go as far as to state possibly closer to fourfold for some of the strategies.

I am that confident if set up with a long term view and according to the allocated points they will all return an impressive amount of points.

When I look at the trends for all the services I can see we have periods of high growth along the time line.

Racing Lays High for example, when will the next big push happen, as in when will it just take off and bank another huge haul of money.

Will it happen in half the time, or be a more gradual curve than the period from November 21 to April 22 which yielded +141.61 points profit.

The service has recorded four major profit pumps to sit at the currently recorded +380 points in total recorded since the 1st June 2020. This is betting using exchange straight.

With the huge highs there have been some huge lows and periods of no growth, middling along, and for some members frustration who expect it to be a rose garden.

However, for the members who just operate the service according to the recommended points, they set up the strategy and let it run, they have made money.

Will you be there for the next big profit push as it will inevitably happen at some point, and it could be the biggest yet.

It's like timing your entry to an investment trying to get in at the bottom before it increases in value. If you miss the bottom or leave it too long you miss the profit and look back with regret.

The automated strategies are in some way similar to this, as you're putting in a sum of money to cover the betting period over a year, a recommended amount of points as a monetary value.

You could invest and the balance could go through a series of wins and your balance swells, and if it keeps going the right way for a decent amount of time you will feel good obviously, like you made a good decision, and you will definitely leave your money in to continue the growth.

If it starts going down after the growth then doubt creeps in, and you start rationalising your decision to invest looking for reasons to remain or cash out, you're unsettled basically thinking you may have just wasted a chunk of money you did not want to lose.

It can be a mixed bag of emotions for those who are not prepared properly before starting the process.

That's obvious, as regardless of the amount of money and the fact you should have definitely put in an amount you're comfortable losing, ie not going to lose your house, shirt, missus etc if it did disappear, that aside you still do not want to lose your money, and it would feel bad.

When you begin to weigh this up you could come to the decision of either continue or cut any losses incurred during the dip in form.

If you're this person, then I recommend you just stop tracking the bets and leave your investment to run in the background.

Think of the reasons you decided to join and what sparked your interest initially, and look over the past results, as we have a lot to look at, and see that not one of the services win all the time, but they do go through periods of high growth be where they are today. Which is probably the reason you decided to join based on the current points totals.

You will have put in the advised points and invested money you don't need right now, so you're not desperate in any way and you can leave this money in. No strategy has tanked a bank, and they do not operate in a way like other bots, i.e. you wake up one day and overnight your money has gone.

They are considered and operate with a long term plan, and so should you. That's my advice, take it or leave it, but it's based on my experience and live betting results to date, and not just plucked out the sky to keep you hooked. Take a look at the results for yourself, you will see I'm being completely honest about the wins and losses along the way.

If you do not run the services like this and let the allotted funds run the course over the highs and lows, then you will have no chance of reaching the published points profits. Over the years to come you could look back and see what you missed out on.

That is the kicker, and that is also what I have seen happen again and again with these services over the past couple of years.

We have members who join when it's going good, there is a dip, they cancel and stop the bot, revisit in a matter of months to check results, see things have been going well that they missed out on, then re join and experience another dip, cancel, and repeat the process never seeing any gains.

Hence why I'm covering this topic today in detail, as I only want you to do well, and to make it completely clear these strategies are all set up to perform well over the years, not short term gains.

Some will take longer than others, and we will have periods of no growth or drawdown, but the history to date for each of the services paint an accurate picture showing periods for each where they do extremely well which pushes the points tally up to a new profit, surpassing where its been further down the timeline.

It is for this reason I added a five year membership for people who see the automated services as long term investments, and I'm pleased to say we had a good amount of takers with this offer as it save a lot on membership costs.

You can view all the membership options for this and each service here:

We also added the start plan for lower stakes betting for the main reason it proves we are legit and we do provide what we publish, but also of course to help people build a decent bet bank over the years with a smaller amount of money.

Primarily to let people try things out before upgrading to have access to full staking capabilities.

We want you to be here in two years time and beyond, banked profits with no effort or drama at your end, just set up and leave to do what the strategies are programmed to do.

I'll leave this semi rant semi informative blog today with a pointer toward a few stand our services on a positive trend.

Sure Favs Main is showing consistent gains and does not look like slowing down.

Place Lay Multi has really settled as expected and you can see from the results on the Place Betting page it's reporting a steady gradual profit rise on a regular basis, and also good Ratchet numbers again. This service returned the highest quarterly ratchet figures I've ever seen, so it's capable of hitting a run of exceptional form.

Place Lay Single is also making stand out gains to name another strategy doing well, with the results published not fully justifying the points banked due to the stop at a profit. With that taken into account the results themselves are even more impressive over the past seven months.

Others that are in a drawdown period are Bet Focus that has some excellent winning days, but not enough at the moment to propel the balance upward on a consistent basis.

Place Back Multi also is dropping points more than accumulating during this period, but it's a gradual decline mixed with occasional brilliance, and what I see from the Researcher tool data is enough to give me the confidence that this service will have a solid resurgence in form to recoup and push on. Requiring no trend updates.

Sure Favs High is more volatile than the other two, Main and Foundation, but still holding its own during periods of no growth, and when it does push on it's with horses at higher value prices.

I've mentioned Sure Favs Main doing well, but Foundation also has shown a visible spike in the graph. As stated earlier this could be a period that middles along for a while, but we may be on the cusp of another growth push for the service, it's a matter of being set up right from the start to reap these rewards.

The Foundation option in particular had a long levelling out span of time to reach the point it's at now, with occasional spikes, then holding its own. That tends to be how this option operates.

Racing Lays is still riding a wave after the dip in form late last month, and we're seeing now resistance to this and some profit banked last week even with some poor days recorded, or days where the last horse of the day would wipe all the good work, which again feeds in to frustrating some members.

I would look past this, and if it is bothering you and you are going race to race following this service throughout the day, my advice would be stop and check it weekly instead, or monthly even better.

It's great of course when it's winning, and from November to April you probably enjoyed some extreme highs, but I don't want you to be the person who then has the doubt creeping in, then miss out on the surge that will come along at some point in the betting cycle to push the balance even higher.

Last week we made a profit with Racing Lays, and we don't ever know when the bottom of any dip before a peak run will occur, but we know it's coming, so try not to double think yourself out of the profit you could make.

Just to finish today, I can confirm next month the In Play Bet Club will really kick on with a high volume of regular bets, and I will be publishing results on site and in the blog.

More to come on this and the upcoming bet and trade guides soon, as for now I'm locked in to a lot of data research, and it's not allowing me much time for anything else. However, I will be done by the end of the month / early next, and plans laid down will then start to emerge which I can begin getting excited about and share with you all.

Thanks for reading this one today if you made it to the end. I'll be back again next week with another news update.

Best Regards


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