Result Update 20th June

The results are now updated for the Automated Betting Strategies to include last weeks betting.

This covers the Ratchet, Weekly Overview, and Detailed Overview figures for each service.

You can view these by selecting Automated Strategies from the main menu at Exponential Bet, then from the drop down choose the service you wish to examine in more detail.

The direct page links are below:

Sure Favs:

Bet Focus:

Place Betting:

Racing Lays:

In my opinion the ratchet figures are the most interesting incorporating last weeks figures in, and the detailed overview stats.

No real movement with the overall investment to report anything of interest in all honesty over the past seven days, but the ratchet figures are a bit more lively for obvious reasons showing the entire month, and detailed overview for some of the services are really painting an encouraging picture for profitable years to come.

A few of the strategies last week that made money could have ended the seven day period a lot higher, Place Lay Single in particular, but of course Royal Ascot had its impact on the betting week.

As stated last week from a long term perspective these major events are factored into the algorithm and treated just like any other race type.

They all balance out in the end, and some will produce freak results positive and negative, but over the years it will be much of a muchness.

All the automation and in play betting I have scheduled, combined with the do it yourself guides that are in the pipeline, these are real betting products and services that are backed up with live bet data.