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Expo Update 19th March


I hope you're doing okay, and staying healthy.

It's such a strange time for everyone you don't need me going on about Covid 19, as you're already living through it.

This is a very brief update to let you know we're still hard at work preparing for when racing returns, and to give clarity for members that your plans will be properly extended.

Nigel is working on his other website you may or may not be aware of,

Making this work with AUS and USA racing, which will be an extra tool available to use for members soon.

Hedger Pro will be available for free to anyone who wants to use it during this downtime with UK Racing, and working with the Irish race card that is still running behind closed doors.

This will be online for anybody wishing to use Hedger Pro tomorrow, so if you ever wanted to try this now is a good time:

If you've any questions about Hedger Pro please contact Nigel directly via the site.

I'm also going through the race data for Remote Daily Betting and JV MK2 looking for improvements, and making good progress.

I now have time to really dig deep with the data given the forced break in racing, and this is revealing a lot about the way these systems run, and how we can add more value to the returns and overall performance.

It's obviously not what anybody would have wanted to take a break, especially when these automated betting services were in good form, but there is a silver lining, and I'll explain more with some details of how we can squeeze more profit margin, or add extra safety to the betting in future posts pre getting back to racing.

The data I have as I've mentioned before is specific to each system, so I'm not tinkering here, it's all filtered through Cloud Bet Bot, and allows me to look deeper in to each race scenario. More to follow on this soon.

The Trading Service that was scheduled to be released this Sunday is also being worked on, and at least I'll have more editing time to make sure it's as good as it can be.

What we are not doing, like some other sites, is knee jerk reacting to the situation, and trying to botch solutions together. The systems we have in place are what you signed up for, a lot of work has gone in to creating them, and when racing gets back on track these are what members want to be running.

It's a tough time for everyone and we obviously don't want to lose any members, but we're not interested in trying to capitalise on this grim situation with half baked make do systems, that is not the right way of doing things on any level.

There is also no need to react like this, because instead we will carry on where we left off on a solid foundation.

Hedger Pro running Irish racing is something you can use from tomorrow for free, and keep yourself occupied for as long as Ireland continue to let racing continue.

The time I personally have now is about fine tuning Exponential Bet services, and making sure we're prepared ready to go once racing is given the go ahead. That to me makes sense, compared to trying to fill in gaps with make do betting systems.

We all understand what's happening right now, it's all over the news, so let's make the best of what we have and get ready for what's ahead.

Additionally, I'm setting up a new database for members to keep things more organised, to make sure they have subscription plans extended to cover what they have paid for once racing restarts.

This gives me a better understanding of each membership, so when we can actually resume I'll be able to activate all extensions immediately.

Just to reiterate, if you are a member at the moment anything paid you will receive once we know the exact length of time racing is postponed.

I will then add extensions to your plan, and suspend payments until this has been fulfilled. Your payments will then only resume after whatever you have paid for covers the downtime.

If you wish for me to suspend your membership now please send me an email, and I will action and confirm this for you asap.

If you cancel your membership and once racing resumes have a paid period still remaining, just let me know and I'll extend this, or work out a new plan going forward, whatever works best.

However, right now it's a case of wait and see. None of us know when racing will continue.

A lot of businesses within the racing industry will go down as a result of the impact on the economy, just like virtually every sector, other than Netflix.

Exponential Bet is set up to survive this downtime, and we will be back online better than ever. I'm using this period to strengthen what we deliver for our members.

If you are a member who's just waiting for things to return to normal, then the easiest thing to do is just leave your membership active, and once we know when things are going to restart I will pause your subscription, and then let you know exactly how long this will run without any further payments made.

Everything you have paid for will be delivered, and this applies to every member during this downtime.

I do understand that everyone is in the shit right now in some way or another, so if you do need to cancel it's understandable, or if want me to suspend your subscription now in the meantime that's no problem, we're all in this together, so just let me know what you need and I'll do my best to sort it out.

Adapting, understanding, and caring for each other right now is vital.

As a business Exponential Bet is shut down for what could end up being ten weeks instead of six, or even longer looking at the way the government is constantly shifting the goal posts. This is something I would never have envisaged, I mean who would.

The business I work on each day and put my heart and soul in to is now on pause, and I have no set date when it will resume. I am stressed obviously, anybody would be. However, I am calm, and resigned to the fact I have time that I can put to good use strengthening the business.

I know people who work in the service and retail sector who have no savings, and are being laid off now, some with children, and not knowing how they are meant to survive.

No matter how bad it is for me I always know there is somebody else who's got it worse as a result of this, and at this moment worrying myself sick about the business or the future of racing is not going to help me or anyone.

Making sure my family and friends are well and have what they need, and trying to help in my community where I live is the best use of my time. While steadily fine tuning Exponential Bet with a steady hand in preparation for when things eventually return. These are the most useful actions I can take at this moment.

I'm sure a lot of you will be in the same boat, looking around at how you can look after your loved ones and people close to you, while planning your next move with your work and businesses.

I hope you are also managing to stay calm, and in good health.

Right, I'm ready to cook dinner so I'll wrap this up for now, but I will keep the blog updated with any news regarding Covid 19's affect on racing and our services.

I will not clog up your inbox unless I've something to report, like today with membership management clarity, and Hedger Pro / Bet Mover access.

Just a heads up, but if you write to me at the moment you will get my auto response email, which is there to notify any potential new members not to sign up for obvious reasons, and to reiterate my message in this blog post about how memberships are being managed.

Thanks for reading.

Stay well.


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