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Expo News 6th September

Today's Expo News is a bulletin as tomorrow I'll publish the detailed update I promised last week.

The results are now updated for all services and available to view from the main menu under Betting Strategies, simply select the service you wish to examine from the drop down list, and you will find the detailed results and Ratchet numbers from last weeks betting included.

It's taken a lot longer today to finish these numbers due to the Ratchet overlap figures from the previous to current quarter needing to be included.

Tomorrow I'll look at full stats for each service, monthly round up with progress so far, and an honest assessment of what's required to reach target with some insider news.

To give a quick summary of last weeks betting, Place Lay Multi did very well and continues to be the most consistently profitable strategy, Sure Favs Main also had a solid week and made a profit.

Place Lay Single carried on its steady form since it's recent trend analysis, and I'm looking forward to seeing the Ratchet numbers with this service over the coming quarter.

Bet Focus Straight staking returned a decent profit, as did Bet Advantage High, Racing Lays Main also did very well with both betting options. Racing Lays High and +5 Stop Liability betting also made a profit from that group, with Lay Dutching getting in on the action and recouping some much needed points profit.

Lay Dutching (used to be a dirty word) has had a significant trend analysis and is now reaping the reward.

As far fetched as it may sound at this given point with a lot of catch up still to do, I'm now quietly confident this will start to see steady monthly profit growth.

I said this for Racing Lays and Place Lay Single recently over the past months and was correct, and I can see it happening for Lay Dutching at last.

That service has been a labour of love where others may have thrown in the towel, but I think we're in the final stages now and should start seeing the benefit of the automated revisions with Researcher tool. Watch this space...

The strategies that can be classed as breaking even over the week are Racing Lays High Straight staking, Bet Advantage Medium and Low, Sure Favs High and Foundation all options, with Bet Focus Target Profit.

The biggest losing strategy of the week was Place Back Multi, and you can see in the results it had a disappointing run of betting over the seven days.

The quarterly Ratchet numbers are reset for Place Betting, so the three month current period will run from the 1st September to 30th November.

For Place Betting in particular resetting each quarter is essential given it has a higher volume of bets than the other services which utilise Ratchet.

I'll cover this in a future post and show you exactly the side by side results for withdrawing any profits each quarter and resetting the ratchet compared to just letting it run and run.

Even the win market strategies that operate a Ratchet plan needs resetting each year, and I'm considering making that every six months.

Place Lay Multi over the previous quarter with 1% Ratchet enabled returned +378.53 points profit if straight staking, this is of course subject to your own matched exchange odds, but win/loss will be accurate and profitable. Some will always do better than others when exchange betting (MTP) minutes to post.

The two Liability options also did very well, with BSP returning +78.28 points profit, and Exchange Liability +110.88 points over the three month betting cycle.

BSP of course means you will achieve the exact same reported returns as your bets are placed at the start time with the identical odds to every other BSP bet.

I did write this was only a bulletin at the start of this post today but have managed to ramble on for longer than expected, and will leave it here as I'll be covering predominantly result data tomorrow.

For now though feast your eyes on the results for Place Lay Multi - Exchange (Straight) from the 1st December 2020 to 5th September 2021 with no Ratchet increase each day just flat 1 point per bet.

+402.67 points profit published over this period, with a relatively low drawdown of just 37.83 considering there has been over 5000 bets placed automatically.

With the average odds of 2.94 and strike rate at 57.19 this produced 160 winning days and 101 losing.

There is no guaranteed order of when the winning and losing periods will come, they arrive like buses.

This is why I emphasize the importance of good money management so you can get the benefit of the win runs when they land and weather the storm when we hit inevitable banana skins.

If somebody told you in December they could guarantee making over 400 points profit without lifting a finger once your bot was set to place bets at 1 point per bet, you probably wouldn't believe it, but this is the result allowing for the losing spells.

It's not always going to go our way which is why I publish so much result info to be straight up with all of you, showing the winning and losing periods to make sure you're well prepared to enjoy the high points.

The results below show Place Lay Multi Liability betting with BSP an available option that guarantees exact published returns, and also direct to the exchange only with controlled liability of course.

Place Lay Multi - Exchange (MTP) & BSP (Liability) 1st December 2020 to 5th September 2021.

The BSP returns are impressive for the fact these numbers are what everyone can achieve at +142.82 points, with the exchange typically achieving more at +208.01.

Both with low drawdown considering the bet volume, and for a fully automated strategy 155 win days and 105 losing days is pretty good.

I do rattle on about the importance of sensible money management a lot, I know it. When you look at the graph above though surely you see why.

As much as the profits are excellent, there have been some significant losing spells followed by long winning periods.

Anyone dipping in and out of the service along this period would have made a loss, whereas anyone maintaining a steady staking plan according to advised levels would have had zero stress, and banked the profits shown above using BSP or still be showing a decent profit if backing MTP. That's just a fact, and what I'd like for every single member.

Right that's it from me, I think I'm tired and rambling on too much, my apologies. I am in need of a cold beer, as the result stat update today took most of the day to complete. Oh poor me...

I'll be back tomorrow as explained with a progress report blog post.

Thanks for reading.


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