Expo News 6th September

Today's Expo News is a bulletin as tomorrow I'll publish the detailed update I promised last week.

The results are now updated for all services and available to view from the main menu under Betting Strategies, simply select the service you wish to examine from the drop down list, and you will find the detailed results and Ratchet numbers from last weeks betting included.

It's taken a lot longer today to finish these numbers due to the Ratchet overlap figures from the previous to current quarter needing to be included.

Tomorrow I'll look at full stats for each service, monthly round up with progress so far, and an honest assessment of what's required to reach target with some insider news.

To give a quick summary of last weeks betting, Place Lay Multi did very well and continues to be the most consistently profitable strategy, Sure Favs Main also had a solid week and made a profit.

Place Lay Single carried on its steady form since it's recent trend analysis, and I'm looking forward to seeing the Ratchet numbers with this service over the coming quarter.

Bet Focus Straight staking returned a decent profit, as did Bet Advantage High, Racing Lays Main also did very well with both betting options. Racing Lays High and +5 Stop Liability betting also made a profit from that group, with Lay Dutching getting in on the action and recouping some much needed points profit.

Lay Dutching (used to be a dirty word) has had a significant trend analysis and is now reaping the reward.

As far fetched as it may sound at this given point with a lot of catch up still to do, I'm now quietly confident this will start to see steady monthly profit growth.

I said this for Racing Lays and Place Lay Single recently over the past months and was correct, and I can see it happening for Lay Dutching at last.

That service has been a labour of love where others may have thrown in the towel, but I think we're in the final stages now and should start seeing the benefit of the automated revisions with Researcher tool. Watch this space...