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Expo News 14th September

The results are up to date for the Automated Betting Strategies to the 12th September 2021.

To view results for each service select Betting Strategies from the main menu and then choose any of the strategies you would like to examine.

Place Lay Multi - Exchange Straight - 1st December 2020 to 12th September 2021

  • Lay betting using 1 point per bet.

  • 300 point allocated betting bank.

  • +405.12 points profit betting direct to the exchange 1 minute to post (MTP). This is the only bet option for exchange straight staking when laying horses, as BSP does not allow it and only permits liability BSP betting.

Place Lay Multi - Liability BSP & Exchange - 1st December 2020 to 12th September 2021

  • Lay betting using 1 point per bet.

  • 200 point allocated betting bank.

  • +209 points profit betting direct to the exchange 1 minute to post (MTP).

  • +143.74 points profit betting using Betfair Starting Price (BSP).

Place Lay Multi continues to produce profit at a higher rate than the other services, and overall has more winning periods at this stage in the betting timeline.

If betting with BSP selected your returns will always mirror published results. BSP lay betting is limited to liability only and a minimum stake of £10.00 due to Betfair lay betting rules.

To find out more about place betting at Exponential Bet and Place Lay Multi visit:

Yesterday I announced the automated strategies would operate Monday to Sunday 7 days a week, for the reason this will have a long term positive impact on each of them.

Having the strategies work over the seven day period instead of selected days will take some time to demonstrate it's longer term benefit, and this can only be done by letting the strategies operate then looking back and comparinig.

If we log the 13th September 2021 as the start date for the increased bet activity, I'll then be able to produce result data showing both selective days betting compared to how we've done since this date.

I was considering doing a side by side comparison of live recorded betting next to data analysis historically, showing the results using selected days compared to all week going back to day dot, but after giving it some thought I decided against it.

For the reason I do not want any potential new visitors reading this blog getting confused with published actual live betting and the analysis result data.

It's a rabbit hole I don't want to go down as I've learned my lesson with showing analysis data too early.

I've done it before in the early days, and it would be easy to show you a lot of stats and graphs of what you might of won Bully (Bullseye reference if you're not in the UK and an old duffer like me), but with so much data already logged from live bets I prefer to build around this and give you real life comparisons.

I will instead show you the comparison against live betting data when we've at least a month on the clock.

I'll pull up the results to demonstrate what would have happened had we remained at specified days betting, and do a side by side showing how we've done since the switch from the 13th Sept.

I'm feeling quietly confident we will show more winning days and a steadier line of growth overall across the automated strategies.

It may take longer than a month to start seeing this with some of the strategies as they are already very selective with their bets, but it will come.

There will of course be some strategies that benefit more than others with the increase in weekly betting activity, but as the months populate results this flow of bets will start showing the pattern I can see within the researcher analysis tool, with more winning days and a smoother line of profit.

For now this is to be continued later in October with the live betting data, and ideally in this short period of time there will be enough to show you the beginnings of a positive trend to make the services more robust and profitable, with a higher ROI, more win days, bringing the level of consistency up a notch for all automated betting strategies.

That's it from me today. I'm feeling very sleepy this evening and haven't eaten my tea yet, so before I get hangry I'll bid you goodnight for now.



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