Betfair Trading

Sunday the 22nd March I release The Trading Service update.

This includes a pre-race trading strategy that can be applied each day, and is very easy to learn.

It’s a horse racing trading system that operates on the Betfair exchange, and I cannot emphasise enough it is not complicated.

Each step of the process locating and placing the trades is accompanied with video examples, and you do not need cat like reactions to trade like a ninja on amphetamine.

Neither do require a large bank roll to get started, as it’s a back to lay (B2L) trading strategy.

Let me explain a little on this for those who don’t know the difference between B2L and lay to back (L2B). If you know your backing and laying skip ahead a little bit.

If you lay a selection you need to make sure you have enough liability, unless the odds are even or less which is no problem, as that is either your stake amount or less, as with a lay bet you must have enough in the bank to cover the liability.

If it’s above evens, ie odds of 6, and you want to lay first on the trade before backing to hedge off at a higher price, then you need enough bank roll to cover the exposure.

The first part of your trade in this L2B example will require £500.00 in your Betfair account to cover this one bet at odds of 6.

You’re looking to trade off, but you still need the cash to cover the lay side first.

If you’re looking for a few tiks profit when the price drifts to 6.6 as an example, that would return circa 10% profit on the trade, you still need the money in the bank to cover the liability until the back bet can be matched.

Therefore, back to lay is the most popular choice for Betfair traders when starting out.

Unless you have a large balance, or your L2B’s are using small stakes, this will be something you have to consider when first considering Betfair trading.

We will have L2B options included in future Trading Service updates, but this initial version is B2L.

Each stage of the learning process with The Trading Service has a bullet point break down showing what to do, with pictures confirming exactly what I am explaining with the selection and placing of trade.

Another thing to note about this trade system is that once you know how to apply it, everything you need to run it is