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Betfair Trading

Sunday the 22nd March I release The Trading Service update.

This includes a pre-race trading strategy that can be applied each day, and is very easy to learn.

It’s a horse racing trading system that operates on the Betfair exchange, and I cannot emphasise enough it is not complicated.

Each step of the process locating and placing the trades is accompanied with video examples, and you do not need cat like reactions to trade like a ninja on amphetamine.

Neither do require a large bank roll to get started, as it’s a back to lay (B2L) trading strategy.

Let me explain a little on this for those who don’t know the difference between B2L and lay to back (L2B). If you know your backing and laying skip ahead a little bit.

If you lay a selection you need to make sure you have enough liability, unless the odds are even or less which is no problem, as that is either your stake amount or less, as with a lay bet you must have enough in the bank to cover the liability.

If it’s above evens, ie odds of 6, and you want to lay first on the trade before backing to hedge off at a higher price, then you need enough bank roll to cover the exposure.

The first part of your trade in this L2B example will require £500.00 in your Betfair account to cover this one bet at odds of 6.

You’re looking to trade off, but you still need the cash to cover the lay side first.

If you’re looking for a few tiks profit when the price drifts to 6.6 as an example, that would return circa 10% profit on the trade, you still need the money in the bank to cover the liability until the back bet can be matched.

Therefore, back to lay is the most popular choice for Betfair traders when starting out.

Unless you have a large balance, or your L2B’s are using small stakes, this will be something you have to consider when first considering Betfair trading.

We will have L2B options included in future Trading Service updates, but this initial version is B2L.

Each stage of the learning process with The Trading Service has a bullet point break down showing what to do, with pictures confirming exactly what I am explaining with the selection and placing of trade.

Another thing to note about this trade system is that once you know how to apply it, everything you need to run it is included within Hedger Pro.

hedger pro

You do not need any other paid external subscriptions to websites or services, once you have the trading PDF which has all the training material in there, and a subscription to Hedger Pro, that is all you need.

It will be updated with new trading methods which is included in the one off purchase price of the PDF.

We have scheduled in-play advice to be added, automated trading, high volume daily trading systems for both pre-race and in-play to run using Hedger Pro, plus more as we progressively add to this service while Hedger Pro develops its trading capabilities.

Any previous members of my Trade Guide, and active One Subscription members, receive this update included in your plan or original purchase.

If you are looking to learn how to apply a very easy but effective trade system each day, that is not scalping, or setting huge swing trades in place to run days ahead, this could be what you’re looking for.

It involves assessing a days racing using the selection filters on the actual day of racing, and placing the trades there and then, or sets them to automate using the features available within Hedger Pro.

trade betfair

All the trades in the PDF examples will show from the start using Hedger Pro, and then placed directly on Betfair according to the instructions I've set up within Hedger Pro.

I use an achievable stake per trade at just £50.00, and looking for just 10% profit on each hedge.

Within Hedger Pro you will find a range of features to give you full control of the trade. All of which I will go through within the PDF, and also with a series of short Hedger Pro features explanation videos.

The trade within this first Trading Service update is a variation of an older method I first introduced in 2017, but utilising the extensive data available within Hedger Pro to add vital improvements to the selection process.

It's still the same concept at heart, but with everything in one platform as it is now, and with the extended range of information available, it's been significantly updated and improved.

You can view my results showing over 150 trades from £100 to £1000 profit here:

As stated this is a much better version in the latest update, and using a platform that was not available to me when running it over these recorded trades. At that time I was in fact experimenting a lot more and not running just one method, as it was part of the challenge.

The Trading Service update that will be available from the 22nd March is a structured and very easy to learn strategy, and each new addition will be the same with new content included for members regularly.

If you’re interested in The Trading Service you can either sign up for the One Subscription Quarterly or Yearly, as this comes included and has Hedger Pro.

The One Subscription also includes Remote Daily Betting and The JV MK2 Betting System, both fully automated systems that run using Cloud Bet Bot.

With this membership you’re fully covered if looking to follow all Exponential Bet services.

You can find out more about the One Subscription membership options here:

Alternatively, there will be an option on the 22nd March to join Hedger Pro on a yearly subscription at £179.88 and have The Trading Service added as part of your annual membership. Which gives an obvious saving if you're only interested in trading.

A final option to purchase the Trading PDF on its own allowing you to apply the strategy using third party software, or even subscribe to Hedger Pro on a monthly option and operate the system if you find that suits you best, this will also be available so we aren't restricting your ability to run the system however you decide.

If you opt for this the third-party software approach however it will not be supported obviously, as everything is set up to run using Hedger Pro not external platforms, but you should be able to adapt the information in the PDF to match your trading software of choice.

I wouldn’t recommend this as Hedger Pro will be developed around my trading strategies, which means you either could be left behind, or need to put in a shift adapting your trading software, but this is always an option.

The Trading Service PDF as a single purchase comes with a lifetime of updates included in the one-off price of £99.99.

This means all future additions to the trading service will be sent to your registered email, and we’ve approximately five big ones scheduled over the coming 12 months.

I’m sure you will find a membership to suit if you’re looking to join.

The One Subscription quarterly or yearly option is without doubt the best financially if looking to include the automated cloud betting services.

If not the yearly Hedger Pro membership on its own with The Trading Service will be the most economical.

I’ll have more info on this ahead of launch, but before I wrap up this post let me answer one of the questions I get asked often, how do I make pre-race trading profitable?

Members who write to me typically state they have had some success trading, then it all goes tits up and they lose their way, or they have had no success yet and don’t know where to start, but really do want to learn some way of trading.

learn to trade

The idea of locking in a profit for a green screen pre-race, or before a match kicks off, is what every Betfair trader wants to achieve.

BTW off topic for a moment, Hedger Pro is purely focused on horse racing betting and trading, so this trading service will be all about horse racing.

If you’re looking for a decent football trading service, check out Trade On Sports which you can get a very nice joining discount using the sign up options on this page:

I have dabbled many a time using Trade On Sports, and football trading in general, but my working hours and current commitments do not combine well.

I’ve tried to fit it in, but for now all I can do is recommend this great website as they have everything to do with football trading covered.

Back to pre-race trading, and it’s obvious that if you can secure your profit before a race runs, in a way that no matter what happens regardless of the outcome you collect a slice of the action, that must be the perfect bet.

If only it was that easy, as many have tried and failed to create a consistent way to identify horses higher in price before a race commences, to B2L and green up prior to the jump time.

One of the key skills to be successful with trading (and easier said than done) is sticking to what works for you, doing it regularly adhering to your rules without diversion, and keeping good records of your trade activity that allow you to gauge your progress.

Having a strategy that is proven to be successful is a vital start point of course, but it’s down to you when it comes to implementing the strategy, and we all know what we’re like sometimes.

If you can remain disciplined to follow the rules and key indicators in the Trading Service, you will consistently make money trading, and your confidence will grow.

If you dibble dabble a bit here and there, chop and change, switch and swap, take a bit of this and do a bit of that, and don’t keep track of any of this, you get the idea, then you will not make money, you bank will begin gradually heading the wrong way and you will lose interest.

You will never know how close to being successful you came with your trading, unless you apply yourself to it fully, and stick at it.

I do see this a lot in my line of work, whether it's running an automated betting system to correct percentage stakes, or controlling your trading amounts. If you don't have a plan and stick to it you're going to fail.

The one person in the world that it’s most easy to lie to is yourself, so if you’re honest with yourself and do what you set out to achieve you will get there.

With the new Trading Service, I’ve now cleared the decks to prepare for this and ready to add regular content, keeping the service continually updated.

I know what works with and without automation, and have these features now built in to Hedger Pro thanks to Nigel, so I can show you examples of each in action, and you can decide what’s better for you.

Nigel is working on Hedger Pro to add a lot more customisation, and ease of filtering, that will lead to being able to place your entire days activity in one swoop. This is actually a thing in progress right now, and something a lot of members will use daily.

Plus he’s also working to add L2B trading that is missing at the moment, as Hedger Pro is solely B2L, although you can place a lay bet, but this will be a unique set up with nothing else comparable once included.

My answer to how to be successful pre-race trading in a nut shell is, have a plan, stick to it, be disciplined and focused, while keeping accurate records, or export them from Hedger Pro to study your strengths and weaknesses.

Learn every day from what you’ve put in, keep notes on this so you don’t forget, and keep repeating the simple things that continually show you a return.

Expect to lose from time to time, and factor this in, never chase a trade in-play if you’re pre-race trading, as I’ve seen bank roll’s vanish in to nothingness this way, remember to breath, get enough sleep, stay healthy, and enjoy what you’re doing to allow your confidence to grow.

The Trading Service will give you a plan, strategies to help you find horses that show the right signals they will make profitable trades more often than not, and the tools to do the job, plus support where you need it, but the rest is on you...

Thanks for reading


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