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6 Races, 4 Bets, No Losses In Play.


Today I've been test driving the In Play Betting and Trading Software mentioned in previous posts, and made an encouraging start.

I'll explain more about the software here, and if you want to get involved in the early access or watch videos right now seeing it in use, there are links below.

The screenshots above show the main page from the software, with a satellite map with up to the second data for each horse, with essential live in play data you can utilise to make quick decisions ahead of the mainstream punters and traders watching the TV.

The top image is from a bet placed in running today by myself, the second one of Nigel's over the past couple of weeks during development.

The software is available now for early access and reflected in the discounted price, but will officially be released in a few weeks at full price.

It's been a first impression day for me getting used to everything, and what I understand from the features within the software.

The goal is really to find ways to give me an edge and profit from it as soon as possible. Then I can demonstrate this to you!

Each time I look at the software there is a new improvement or feature, it's really impressive.

The big question is, does this software give you an edge in the market?

The answer to this is a resounding yes.

After six races using the software today I bet in four and won each confidently.

I'll show you this in my video uploads to the toolbox, which is available for anybody to access free. There is a link below showing some content already.

A 100% strike rate on day one is a good start in anybody's books though, but I'm not surprised considering I've been following the progress of this betting platform for a long time.

Just small stakes during my testing and acclimatizing today, getting used to it all, working out what suits my approach to in play betting, and also as it's still in early release phase just taking my time before I start using my usual larger staking amounts.

This software is without question cutting edge and there is nothing like it at all anywhere.

The horses are tracked to the second with a satellite view of the race as it unfolds.

Data streamed live you will not find in other software or websites in running.

Bets are placed instantly as you time your plan of attack, with all the tools at your disposal to help make the right decisions more often that not.

The software really doesn't require much learning as I have the reactions of a slug sometimes, and I was able to get my bets on when I felt the race was heading in a specific way.

As stated it's still early days getting used to it all and I need plenty of practice.

What I'll be doing is adding to the services toolbox contributing video content, different strategies, new ways to exploit the data to your advantage, and over time you'll see me become more confident as I incorporate using this in to my working week.

Alongside the long term automated investments I have running at Exponential Bet, this is a very nice income generator to profit weekly and withdraw my tax free earnings.

Anything tax free is for me. :-)

You can also use it as a pre race or in play trading tool which is amazing, but also surprisingly useful as a trade tool so I'll explore that in more detail. It has an instant feel to it which other platforms don't come close.

Hedging once your bets are placed is possible, back or lay, set fixed stake or liability on the lays, offset the bets, and a host of other features I haven't even scratched the surface.

The summarize:

With a few things to iron out using the software today things are not 100% perfect, however, still jaw dropping with what's been achieved and available right now.

The features included and the way you can get the bets on quickly ahead of what people are seeing on TV, without the distracting commentator and just data to use in an intuitive way is worth a lot more than the developer is asking, in my opinion.

If you're looking for software to use daily that will definitely give you a massive edge in the market and create an income, this is it!

You can subscribe immediately and take advantage of the real time early membership price, here is the link:

Alternatively, you can watch free videos in the toolbox from Nigel available here:

There are more contributors listed there included myself who will be adding new content over the coming days and months ahead.

You can sign up for free to use the basic settings of the software, but the in play options will not be available. You would need to subscribe to access what's explained here and shown in the toolbox videos.

Nigel has uploaded a lot of content so far which is already a lot to help anybody get started, but I'll have videos on there in a matter of days, and then after as I record more activity I'll keep uploading to demonstrate how I'm using the software. Which I hope you will find useful.

Another quick point to mention is the software covers UK and USA racing.

Today was my first impression day since the last major update, so I've not tried the US markets yet with the software, but according to Nigel it's a lot easier like taking candy from a baby so I've been told.

I'll give the USA a whirl next week and see how I get on, but tomorrow ideally I'll record more UK racing videos, an introduction video for the toolbox, and get started uploading to the toolbox.

More info to follow soon as I'm genuinely excited and feeling lucky to be involved with this from the start.

I'm aiming to have the Racing Lays video published by Sunday evening, so I'll post an email when it's available. You will also here from me again when I've uploaded my recent demonstrations of the in play software to the toolbox.

I wanted to get this information to you as I'm being asked about this software and how to access it, and I'll continue to keep you regularly updated.



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