6 Races, 4 Bets, No Losses In Play.


Today I've been test driving the In Play Betting and Trading Software mentioned in previous posts, and made an encouraging start.

I'll explain more about the software here, and if you want to get involved in the early access or watch videos right now seeing it in use, there are links below.

The screenshots above show the main page from the software, with a satellite map with up to the second data for each horse, with essential live in play data you can utilise to make quick decisions ahead of the mainstream punters and traders watching the TV.

The top image is from a bet placed in running today by myself, the second one of Nigel's over the past couple of weeks during development.

The software is available now for early access and reflected in the discounted price, but will officially be released in a few weeks at full price.

It's been a first impression day for me getting used to everything, and what I understand from the features within the software.

The goal is really to find ways to give me an edge and profit from it as soon as possible. Then I can demonstrate this to you!

Each time I look at the software there is a new improvement or feature, it's really impressive.

The big question is, does this software give you an edge in the market?

The answer to this is a resounding yes.

After six races using the software today I bet in four and won each confidently.

I'll show you this in my video uploads to the toolbox, which is available for anybody to access free. There is a link below showing some content already.

A 100% strike rate on day one is a good start in anybody's books though, but I'm not surprised considering I've been following the progress of this betting platform for a long time.

Just small stakes during my testing and acclimatizing today, getting used to it all, working out what suits my approach to in play betting, and also as it&