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Expo Bot Release Update 28th Feb

We've come a long way with Expo Bot, from the initial idea and concept of automating Exponential Bet services, to actually having fully automated software running In Play Beta and Auto Dutch Beta.

I've been using Expo Bot for months now, watching it develop to become a product we can all feel proud to release.

I took the decision today however to briefly delay the release of Expo Bot, and here's the upfront honest reason which in my humble opinion makes perfect sense.

When I arrived at my desk this morning I opened an email from the developer, advising that an update would need to be included with the bot release scheduled for today.

We could add the update after release, but this would create further issues requesting members to run the update.

If we included it from release today it should have no impact on the working version we have now, but like any update it's advised to run it for a brief testing period prior to mass adoption. Which is what we'd do if the bot was already available, before rolling out a newer version.

From my experience sending out mandate type updates requiring all members to participate can be rather hellish. It's a lot of back and forth making sure everyone has installed the latest version, which can all be avoided with one executive decision I've made today.

I've come this far with Expo Bot, and I'm delighted with the product having ran it myself for months watching it develop, plus I trust my developer 100%. Which made the decision today very easy for me, as I'm not going to force out a version just for the sake of meeting a deadline and compromising on quality of delivery. This to me isn't logical.

I value my customers ahead of making a quick profit, I've no interest in this. I'm in this for the longer term goals with everyone who follows my services.

value customers

To give the latest update time to be fully tested I need to delay the release of the bot by a further week. However, I'm playing it safe allowing for any unknown's moving the new ETA to 23.59 hrs Sunday 10th March.

If we can bring this forward confidently, you know we will. The prep for the bot is already in place on site, with everything ready to go.

Expo Bot is something we're very eager to release, but we also hope you appreciate we do not want to rush any aspect as we value our members.

No fluff, this is the gods honest truth.

Thank you for your patience.

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