The Sunday Slant

Living an intentional life is making the tough choice to not follow the herd, and choosing to live on your own terms.

It's not for everyone, as it's much easier to eat the first marshmallow instead of delaying gratification for a better life outcome.

Never reaching your potential and being a sheeple, remaining one of the crowd until the day you die is what happens to most people. Some of you won't even make it to retirement age in fact. You can see I've set a cheerful tone already with this post, but stick with me you'll see I mean well in the end.

I've personally eaten many a first marshmallow, and know what I'm talking about.

I've opted to have it now instead of being clever and having much more later on plenty of times, but luckily I broke the trend, and ideally can help you avoid some of the same mistakes.

Firstly today let me cover the no sayers, these are people we meet along our daily barrage of distractions. They will oppose your expressions of wanting to do things your own way, and tell you it just can't be done.

They will expel more energy being negative looking for reasons to make you doubt yourself and the thing you want to do, than it would actually take getting up off their ass and doing it themselves.

These people are A holes, time vampires, and will consume your entire life until the opportunity to achieve your goals has gone for good if you let them.

You'll eat the first marshmallow forever and always regret not putting a plan in motion. The no sayers are your constant background noise that you can decide at what volume you'd to like to listen. You definitely have a choice.

They can be close friends, family, or business clients, and in every instance you're best option for an improved life is to distance yourself as far as possible, or even better cut ties altogether.

Letting go of toxic relationships is something they should teach kids in school, it's possibly the most important factor in getting you the success you desire.

In my line of work having a positive clear thought process is essential for uncovering innovative ways of extracting profits from Betfair. I need time and space to think it's that simple, to look at things objectively with a technical mindset. Also the time to work with people w