The Expo News 22nd January

It's late as I write this post, and it's been an eventful day with a lot to think about. I'm on the brink of calling it a night and going to bed, but I've a lot to report and want to make a start.

Earlier this month I ran a series of news updates over the course of a week, so I'll repeat the same process this week covering the Expo Bot release and its progress.

Place Betting and In Play Trading Advice being included this month for One Subscription members, with both able to be fully automated.

Trading results, and how I'll be walloping this in 2019 as I begin posting what I get up to on You Tube will also be covered.

In Play BETA progress as we come up to a year running this in play betting system needs to be examined.

With a solid round up of everything else at Exponential Bet included, plus some my honest thoughts on competitor websites blatantly stealing my ideas, which I'll be pulling no punches.

Today's Expo News is focused on the Automated Dutch BETA Version.

Let me begin by showcasing the results for this clever but incredibly simple Dutch

betting strategy:

automated betting system

Auto Dutch - Run The Eve

663 Bets - 49% Strike Rate

64.6% Increase

Approx 1% Stake Per Bet

£646.87 Profit 39 Betting Days

See Results Breakdown >