The Expo News 1st January

I've a lot of members emailing me today with sore heads after last nights celebrations, and why not see the New Year in with a bang.

As I mentioned yesterday The Expo News will be published in a series of posts over the course of this week, covering each service individually.

Today's post is about In Play Betting BETA.

In play betting using automation at Exponential Bet began live testing on the 16th March 2018.

The idea came about after identifying a pattern each day watching the racing alongside the odds movement in play. I began running varying betting parameters over multiple Betfair accounts in play, and assessing which performed best, while applying and removing specific selection criteria.

The goal initially was to find a way to lock an evens return on each winning bet, and to see if running it over the entire day or stopping at a profit was the most effective.

After a lot of trial and error, but it did show to be more profitable stopping at the target amount, with the first race first win rate for this being a clear indicator of a betting edge.

After testing multiple betting bots since live testing began, including Fairbot which is my go to work bench when creating new systems, this is by far the easiest tool to be creative, but does not have a stop at a profit feature.

Betfair Bot Manager which is excellent with a ton of features, but too many options for my personal taste.

Betextrader which also gives a great solution but no full automation option unfortunately is available.

Leaving The Bet Engine as the stand out bot of choice, especially giv