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The Expo News 1st January

I've a lot of members emailing me today with sore heads after last nights celebrations, and why not see the New Year in with a bang.

As I mentioned yesterday The Expo News will be published in a series of posts over the course of this week, covering each service individually.

Today's post is about In Play Betting BETA.

In play betting using automation at Exponential Bet began live testing on the 16th March 2018.

The idea came about after identifying a pattern each day watching the racing alongside the odds movement in play. I began running varying betting parameters over multiple Betfair accounts in play, and assessing which performed best, while applying and removing specific selection criteria.

The goal initially was to find a way to lock an evens return on each winning bet, and to see if running it over the entire day or stopping at a profit was the most effective.

After a lot of trial and error, but it did show to be more profitable stopping at the target amount, with the first race first win rate for this being a clear indicator of a betting edge.

After testing multiple betting bots since live testing began, including Fairbot which is my go to work bench when creating new systems, this is by far the easiest tool to be creative, but does not have a stop at a profit feature.

Betfair Bot Manager which is excellent with a ton of features, but too many options for my personal taste.

Betextrader which also gives a great solution but no full automation option unfortunately is available.

Leaving The Bet Engine as the stand out bot of choice, especially given the developer kindly created an Auto Load feature covering all selection criteria.

This fully removes the need to drill through the days card and shortlist potential races. You start the bot, activate the strategy, then set and forget it.

Over a short period of time since releasing in play beta as early access, it's gone from a manual selection stop at a profit system which needed time in the day to manage, to a fully automated betting system that can be set up and left unattended.

The Bet Engine is a reliable bot, and a product I fully endorse.

However, in the name of progress Exponential Bet will have its very own Expo Bot ready ideally later this month with In Play BETA auto loaded. The selection criteria covered, and only placing bets on applicable selections. A fully automated experience running this strategy, with no plug ins or set up required beyond installing it.

Unlike The Automated Dutch which is about to launch in BETA later this week (and has had a storming day today I have to add), In Play BETA obviously runs in play which creates more variables, given it's a live exchange with multiple people trying to get matched at once.

The Automated Dutch is all pre race betting, and also based on two years of data with the ultra reliable Focus Ratings applied as an extra filter. Whereas In Play BETA is very much in development in the public eye.

I created the concept of the strategy, set it up, ran it to the point where it showed enough potential to share, and pulled it all together so to speak, but it's also very much a team effort from members and developers of the service.

Moving forward in to 2019 with this service, the selection criteria will come under scrutiny, working to increase the overall strike rate. As much as the 50% first race first win percentage is impressive, and as shown with the results over the 9.5 months in use gradually pushes the balance the right way if applied daily, things can and should be better.

The run of the days bets if left to go all day should have a higher success rate, which if combined with the stop at a profit, and first race first win, will improve the strike rate.

in play betting system

820 Bets - 55% Strike Rate using 1% Stake Per Bet to create £887.08 Total Profit From £10.00 Stake Per Bet is decent.

If you'd handed me this back in March I'd have taken it, but after running in play for the duration I can see a lot more scope for improvement.

Quite possibly by applying the simplest of all changes to the process, we'll see a significant balance increase this year compared to last.

Today being the crazy schedule (1/1/19) it is, we've dodged getting involved given the overlap of races meaning the bots won't work properly to stop at a profit, but from tomorrow we're back in action running in play.

I'll be working on the criteria as mentioned from next week, and looking at the data I've collated myself and been sent from members.

More info to follow on this asap, which I'll post in the blog and direct to member updates.

The next Expo News post will be tomorrow covering the One Subscription membership, and what's included for members in 2019.

This subscription package has been revamped for the new year, and now lives up to its name including everything in one, offering exclusive access to specific betting and trading systems.

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