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Betfair Trading +375% Profit in 41 Days

Life is a series of challenges, and if we stand up to them we have a chance of success, if we give up we fail.

I write this not trying to be profound, but because not only have I set my self a huge task to get the site working in a much more efficient way, which after a series of techie issues that would test anyone's patience setting me back on my targets, combined with a few personal health challenges myself recently, I've definitely been put to the test.

Don't worry nothing life threatening, but I'm having to learn to live with a few physical changes that haven't been the easiest. Compared to some of my members who I draw great inspiration, my woes are a walk in the park so I can't complain one iota. If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger as they say.

I've never had a moment when I've felt like giving up on the challenge to get the balance increased by 900% pre-race trading, taking the £100 to £1000. It's definitely been tough to find the time with everything else I run on the site though, as fitting in trading around everything else I do has been very difficult to say the least.

I'll add frustrating to this as well, as trading Betfair can be very profitable for me personally. Once this challenge is completed I'll get back to using my own stakes again following the strategies in the Betfair Trading guide, using it as an additional income stream. This will also allow me to update the guide more often with video footage of my trades.

In order for me to run the Dutch singles I'm about to introduce, or the In Play Betting Strategy for example, I have to alternate my activity on the exchange, given the betting opportunities in each race do overlap.

Streamlining what I offer my members is utmost importance, and with that the first steps in the right direction to kick in next week with the advent of the new Dutch betting service. I've just written a recent blog update about this which you can read here.

Following on from this my In Play Betting Strategy will be available for everyone registered for the early release, you can read more about this here. I'll update my latest results ideally tomorrow or Monday for the in play, with the ETA for release circa 16th July.

From then after I have a block of time reserved for pre-race trading and to introduce the next update, along with adding my advised bets and update for the Betting Bot Systems.

Please excuse a shortfall in the trade activity during the first few weeks of this month, as it's a busy cross over period delivering everything I've been posting and reporting on.

I'd expect the next Betfair Trading Guide update to be with you by the 31st July, which will contain the new method I've been using more than any other. If I can get this with you sooner I will, but I'm giving myself enough time to get the content right and deliver earlier if possible.

The two current systems with the Betfair Trade Guide work great, and the bulk of the profits gained with this challenge have been using them.

All this said, I have squeezed in some time to pre-race trade since my last post, and more than I'm actually reporting on today, as due to IT issues I've lost some screen captures of my activity and don't fancy an historic trawl through my account history. I've not lost too much though from memory, so here is the latest Betfair Trading activity tally.

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £438.19

No. Days Date P&L 39 19th June £10.34

40 27th June £3.05

41 July £23.75

New Total £475.33

New 5% per trade amount: £27.78

The short video below shows the results for the days covered over the three days above:

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