What's The Future of Dutch Betting?

I've been looking to update my Dutch betting guide for a while, but holding back knowing there is a good reason, only not quite putting my finger on it till now.

Like all my bet or trade methods I'm aiming to streamline Dutching for a simpler selection process and to become more profitable. I want to end the year strong exceeding expectations.

You may have read previous blog posts about the Value Dutch being introduced soon, which addresses the profit per bet / average odds / risk vs reward conundrum.

This is a more dynamic exciting bet with higher odds which will enhance the current service, but The Value Dutch will not make the current Dutch bets more efficient, nor create more opportunity to get involved with them.

It will improve what we have with an additional profitable bet, but we don't just need another profitable bet, as I see it we need the current bets to increase productivity.

Also, when I look back at historical results from 2017 for Dutch 1 and 3 specifically, we had periods of abundant opportunities and growth, and in comparison so far in 2018 there is an obvious shortage of these bets, and we're missing the growth they provided.

The selection process hasn't changed, but the data which was the foundation for them has since I began, and this is accepted as part of the growth of the sport and industry. The first port of call to establish if the bets are doable is now quite different, which at first was much more subtle than it actually is now. The impact of this across the Dutch 1 & 3 bets is represented in the shortage of bets posted so far this year.

Does this mean the Dutch 1 & 3 bets are no longer viable, not at all, but it does mean that they need to adapt to the changes and move with the times.

Initially I thought it may be a transition from the data supplier, but it's apparent it's a permanent fixture, so I need to adjust my template to make it fit again.

Additionally, the current Dutch bets are split across different selection parameters, which as mentioned have been disrupted slightly, but when I look at the days racing I've combination of criteria to work through, and required to fit a specific column for each type of Dutch. This has become restrictive which is amplified by the limited supply.

So what is the future of Dutch betting?