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Blink & You Miss It

I was browsing You Tube recently and found this clip from Sam Harris below. Love him or hate him he makes a lot of valid points.

It's virtually impossible to watch this and not relate it to your own life, or somebody you know, but it's how we interpret and act upon such obviously indisputable information which is so multi layered within all facets of our existence, that truly matters.

Without going deep in to my own personal life, the thing that translates to my work life at Exponential Bet is to appreciate, respect, enjoy, and benefit more from the present moment.

So what do I enjoy the most, and how do I like to spend my day, what am I diverting my attention on that I may look back and think why did I waste my time on this, when I would have rather been doing something else in hindsight.

These are important questions for us all, and from my perspective as someone who genuinely feels a connection with all of my members and followers, with an obligation to deliver on my promises both with the services and support I provide, but the life I personally live utilizing the betting and trading information I publish. It's vital that along this journey we share, the money making data you receive from Exponential Bet impacts all our lives positively, giving us all moments we benefit from and enjoy.

For myself having more time to create is what makes me feel the most alive. I like to build and enjoy the feeling of constantly moving forward, but sometimes to my own detriment as I will take on too much and my time then becomes limited, as such I begin failing to appreciate the moment.

This is my truth, and with this acknowledged it's easy to see what must change to realign my priorities to begin appreciating my time and experience of the journey more than I do at present.

My life and yours is obviously happening right now, so however you plan to spend your time in the moment is up to you, but for myself I need to generate more time to be creative.

Which leads me to the services I provide to my members, which sometimes consume my life. I'm going through a process right now of streamlining everything for ease of selection and implementation, whilst maintaining or improving overall quality of the delivery.

This is no mean feat, but I'm more than up to the task at hand.

The idea of shedding excess weight to lighten the load and speed up the journey to reach our destination is how I see it.

This quarter of 2018 is very much about this, which at first I didn't recognize, but it's clear that within any transition to a higher level many forms of change need to take place.

Here is my agenda simplified in to two bullet points for the remainder of quarter 2, which will create the additional time I require to invest in Exponential Bet, and my personal life.

  • Simplify all current betting and trading systems to increase effectiveness.

  • Finish website rebuild to improve member services.

I need to dedicate myself to finishing these two tasks, as they are loaded with lists of individual time consuming jobs. They will help me achieve my target of more time to create and appreciate my time a lot more than I do at present, which currently feels like it's whizzing past making me feel like merely a spectator in the main.

The realization of losing moments of my life due to overloading myself with meaningless processes which can be removed quite easily is a huge motivator, and one which as members and followers of Exponential Bet you will see the benefit. I'm in this for the long stretch, I'm a positive person who will never quit, and always look at ways to make all our lives more enjoyable, which is surely what we all want.

Whether financially to create more freedom, to use the money to help others, or for whatever purpose, having the right mindset and enjoying what we do is a vital ingredient of achieving the success we're all in agreement that we want.

I hope you enjoy the Sam Harris video, as I read a lot of Psychology books and alternative thinking philosophies, but this summed up actually the most important aspect of life in just under six minutes so I felt I should share this.

I'd love to hear from you with your thoughts on the video, and if it sparked anything inside of you to seize the moment more in your own lives.

Thanks for reading.

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