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What When & How Part 1

Without further ado, let's get stuck in to this update carrying on from last week.

Let me begin with the new betting and trading methods I'm working on and what they will entail, with some cross over with current services and how they will integrate to improve these.

I sent an additional update recently entitled 180% Per Annum Flat Staking, so this seems like the appropriate starting point.

Titles for these bet & trade systems may change come launch day.

In Play Betting - Summary

This is a method for UK horse racing, using an API with provided downloadable strategies to load in to the editor. What's required is a quick run through of the card to identify applicable races, this is all done within the API, and for each qualifying race simply select a drop down to include it.

Once this is set the bets will be fired when the parameters are met. The only thing required after this point is cancelling the remaining bets if the target profit is met on the day. Other staking options will not require any further input each day past placing the bets, typically termed set and forget, but the most profitable approach to date has been stopping at a specified profit.

The predicted balance growth following a flat staking approach with this method is circa 180% over a 365 day period, which comes from an estimated average 5% increase every 10 days in use. This isn't to say you will be able use the method every day, as some days such as today for example the racing is not the best quality, so these days will be avoided, along with a couple of other parameters which need to be met prior to getting involved, but during its testing phase there have been days when I've ran it for six days a week successively.

With a ratcheted staking approach comes more risk, as your biggest win can be your biggest loss, but the rewards are evident with faster upward trends achievable.

I'll also include alternate staking options, and a trading parameter to include for those looking for a reliable in play trading method. The returns are less as you're only taking a percentage, but of course the win rate will be higher.

This will be a stand alone product with no subscription required, as it's possibly the simplest selection process, but for those who prefer to follow my exact bets, the option to add a bolt on subscription service will be available shortly after release.

The fact this comes with files to load in to the API which places the bets depending which option you choose, ie bet or trade in play, and will have video instructions backing up how to find the correct races, means this is very easy to set up and get started with very little to learn.

Expected release date for in play betting method is the 29th May 2018. This may change, but I'd expect it to be no later than mid June if so.


Value Dutching - Summary

This is fairly self explanatory for anyone who follows my Dutch betting, but those who don't I'll be adding a regular Dutch bet to the service focused on producing more profit than the currently active bets, which will be included in the subscription at no extra cost. So, if you're already a member you will have this added to your existing package.

Value Dutch betting covers the UK horse racing markets, and will be single bets placed directly on to the exchange. No software will be required, as I'll show you how to use Betfair to do this, but of course life is always easier with better tools to do the job, so with a decent API your Dutch bets will be easier to place.

The current Dutch betting system operates at a very high strike rate, but lower profit margin. This will obviously operate at a lower strike rate, but still high enough to produce a much higher return on investment overall throughout the year.

I worked on something like this last year, and it did work but was too volatile for my liking, and also relied on the BSP Multiples to achieve the percentage profits which I wanted move away from with this particular approach,. Whereas this is based on much tighter selection parameters using data from another betting source I utilize daily, and bets are placed directly on to the exchange.

Predicted returns for this method as a stand alone system with a completely new invested bet bank over a 365 day period using ratcheted staking should be circa 200% ROI.

Expected release date for value Dutching is June/July.


Without even realizing it I've written nearly 800 words, which is more than enough for a single blog post.

I've some recent profit updates for my Betfair trading activity still to update as the balance has been given a boost, along with some Dutch and football betting results to upload.

I'll carry on tomorrow and get these up to date, with more of 'What When and How Contd..', covering: Correct Score Dutching, In Play Match Odds Trading, Place Market Multiples, Football and Basketball Trader Service, and some free downloadable guides all in the pipeline.

exponential bet 2018

It's a constant process of building, to generate the best sports investment products available anywhere. Exponential Bet is not trying to be just a sports tipping site, and definitely not a forum for sports news and discussion. As anyone who follows my betting systems knows, I rarely comment on the racing or football from a pundits point of view, I look at it completely different. People join Exponential Bet to make money, this is what it's about.

My time at the moment is precious, so I both need and want to make the most of every second I have to contribute to my products and services.

The new additions and ways to enhance what's already working are all part of my working days routine, so I'm not spreading myself too thinly by including these. If we stand still and do nothing, then nothing new happens it's fair to say.

Website improvements however are taking time away from moving things along at the pace I'd prefer, but this is coming to end soon as we'll be moving to a much better platform that will take Exponential Bet up several notches to give you the service you deserve.

If you've any questions, or would like to register interest for an early launch discount with the In Play Betting Method, drop me an email to

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