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Football Betting Update 31st January

What's new in 2018 for football betting, well a new staking system has seen the balance achieve a steady growth status. Recovering losses comfortably, and enjoying an improved selective bet process producing more confident win runs.

In-play has been a bit more active, and added to the service very nicely.

The predictions for this year to double the balance with the new staking plan look spot on, as the initial run of bets have shown what's possible with a few intelligent adjustments.

As you can see from the graphs below, the losing bets were dealt with comfortably, and we're now on a positive upward curve for both pre-match predictions, and in-play bets, which are messaged to members during the games.

football predictions

soccer predictions

This is a service that will stand out in 2018, and has like everything at Exponential Bet so far this year, made a very pro-active step in the right direction.

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