Running Multiple Systems & Planning Your Day

Exponential Bet offers a broad range of bet and trade strategies, some automated using software, and others more hands on.

In this section I cover my personal planning, with daily bet and trade activity, along with what strategies can run simultaneously to organize your time and be more effective.  

If you're looking for a starting point for what strategies you can run simultaneously, and how to get the most out of Exponential Bet, you've found the right web page.


Running more than one bet and trade strategy simultaneously if done manually can be time consuming, and sometimes stressful. Especially as life waits for no man, or woman, as we've all got a multitude of other things that can distract us from being productive.  The kids to school, dogs to walk, a 9 to 5 grind, travelling to work, or just being generally knackered from spinning a lot of plates each day, so it pays to be organized and have a plan.


It's important to have goals for the obvious reason, if you're not aiming for anything you will typically drift through life not achieving much.  Simply setting targets won't get us where we need to be.  It requires a road map, a definite plan put in place to direct us to our destination.  


Creating new routines will over time help us achieve our targets, which if systematically repeated form positive habits.  Little by little amazing things can be achieved.  

When things are chaotic more often than not bad habits form from the disorganization, which then lead to problems further down the line needing correction.  All of which takes time, and distract us from being productive.


A good book I recommend giving a read focuses on avoiding the time consuming cycle of habit correction, it's called Atomic Habits by James Clear.  If you're seriously looking to squeeze more out the day, this could be for you. 


It can speed up your progress in achieving goals, and in fact give you a better chance of actually getting there, as most people say they will do something and they quite simply don't see it through. 

The book explains in simple terms how we all form our identity from our habits.  With the key to building lasting habits is focusing on creating a new identity first. Your current behaviors are simply a reflection of your current self.

If we look at our daily life, how many negative things repeated if eradicated then replaced with positive habits would over time help us achieve our targets, the answer is we've usually a lot of things that effectively hold us back. 


If you're realistic with your new habits, build them around a routine in a way that means they can be done regularly, and you stick to them in quite a selfish way.  This gives you a great chance of doing more and getting what you set out to achieve.

When looking at my own habits I've focused a lot on the prime motivator, craving. 

The fact is if we can make something easy and enjoyable to do, it won't be a chore when we feel the cue prompting us, we'll be eager to get going. 

It will be the first indication that we're getting close to the reward, so we'll want to do it and not dread the action itself, which is the key to replacing negative habits with positive routines instead.


Make it enjoyable and easy, then over time it will become like muscle memory.  This is one reason I began creating automated betting and trading options, as they are easy to set up, they increase my income as a reward, bring in more time for me to be productive elsewhere, and give me additional free time as an added benefit. 

My Weekly Routine

My working week now runs from Tuesday to Saturday.   I do post some Dutch bets and place any personally automated bets on a Monday and Sunday if applicable, or a major event I'm covering.  I avoid being at the desk too long, no emails, and spend more time with family and friends, visit the gym, and get some recharge time banked. 

Tuesday to Saturday

7.30am to 8.30am - Walk the dogs, and breakfast.

9am to 12pm - Set up the days betting and trading plan, then send any member advised bet or trade emails.  

12pm to 5pm - Trading, web development work, updating bet and trade portfolio results. 

5pm to 7pm - Replying to member emails. 

7pm to 9pm - Write my blog, create You Tube content, or spend the time business planning. 

Running Multiple Systems

It's important to have a structure to your day.  


Knowing what systems work with each other at Exponential Bet is vital, as most member have one Betfair account, one PC or Mac, and access to one exchange, which means some strategies will collide if ran together and some thought process is required.

The fact they collide however doesn't prohibit you from running them, it's just for neatness purposes you may have a few bets or trades placed in each race, or football match as an example, but if you keep good records, or use a bot that exports results, this will all come out in the wash.

You do have options with multiple Betfair accounts solving this problem. 


For example if you have a partner you can bribe to open another for you, also with VPS services in abundance allowing you to run virtual Windows based machines limiting the need for additional hardware.  This is also good for Mac users as you can have a Windows PC on a VPS at a low monthly cost.

If you've any questions about running different systems together, or operating a VPS with betting software, drop me an email and I'll get back to you asap. 

The One Subscription membership offers the most value for anyone looking to run simultaneous bet and trading strategies.

Expo Bot is now available providing multiple tabs for each strategy, and can be ran using a VPS with more than one Betfair account. 

Getting Started

If you're looking at running multiple systems and trying to organize your day to be more effective, ideally this has given you an insight in to how you can begin setting up your days bets and trades.

My advice to get started is look at the each strategy and decide how you'd like to begin, what sparks your interest from the way the bets are delivered or the information provided.  Are the results and balance growth what you're looking for, and do you have the time available for what you're thinking of including.  


Think about if you're looking to start slow with just one system, and then build up adding more as your confidence grows, or if you're looking to run an immediate portfolio of betting and trading systems each day that will require software, a VPS, and possibly more than one Betfair account.  

The end goal is always to create a consistent profit that builds the balance over the long term no matter what option you choose.

If you're looking at more than one strategy then One Subscription is the best place to start to give you value for money.  I'd recommend taking a look at this as your starting point, and remember I'm here to offer you advice and support. 

If you've anymore questions please take a look at the FAQ here, which is a good resource of regularly asked member queries, but if you can't find what you're looking for drop me an email using the contact form below, and I'll get back to you asap.



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